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10 Best Fire Pit For Wood Deck In 2019- Our Most Favourite Models

There is little better than sitting in your garden on a warm summers evening, lighting your firepit and whiling away the hours as you watch the embers burn. A firepit is a must have for your decking; it can be the centre piece as well as a functioning ornament.

But which fire pit is best for you? It can be difficult to work out, especially if you have a wood deck rather than a traditional stone patio. Don’t worry, we’re here to help, here is the ultimate buyers guide for the 10 best fire pit for wood deck.


Product Name

Size (In)

Fuel Type

Weight (lbs)


Landmann 25282 Barrone Antique Bronze Fire Pit




Outland Firebowl 883 Mega Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit


Propane Gas


Solo Stove Bonfire Stainless Steel Outdoor Smokeless Fire Pit




Sunnydaze Cosmic Outdoor Wood Burning Fire pit




AmazonBasics Natural Stone Fire Pit




Campfire Defender Protect Preserve Pop-Up Fire Pit


Wood, Charcoal


BALI OUTDOORS Outdoor Fireplace Wooden Fire Pit




Outsunny Steel Square Outdoor Patio Wood Burning Fire Pit




Catalina Creations AD544 Cauldron Wood Burning Patio Fire Pit




Bonnlo Outdoor Wood Burning Fire Pit




The 10 Best Fire Pit For Wood Deck On the Market

 1. Landmann 25282 Barrone Antique Bronze Fire Pit

Antique bronze is one of those colours that never go out of fashion; it can be used to work with a variety of décor, from modern to the more rustic look. The Landmann is a statement piece; it will take centre stage on your decking if you are looking for a working ornament.

Even though the Landmann is beautifully crafted in terms of aesthetics, it doesn’t lose its functional ability. The firebox lid is a contemporary cross hatch design, but the inclusion of a handle means that it is easy to remove whilst it is in use, without fear of you burning your hands. Not only is the inclusion of the stylish handle a functional component of the design, the large spark screen reduces the risk of floating embers to everyone who is gathered around it.

This particular firepit is constructed of steal and able to withstand large amounts of heat as well as other elements. You will be able to leave it in your garden for years to come without the fear of it rusting through or blowing over in a strong wind. Not only is it exceptionally elegant, it is also well designed with functionality in mind throughout.

Things We Liked

  • Elegant construction will make for an excellent centre piece to any decking.
  • Cross hatch design limits ember fly off, keeping you and your guests safe.
  • Handle means you can lift the fire shield off when in use.
  • Wood grate makes it easy to remove ash and debris
  • Bronze colouring adds a timeless feel to your décor.

Things We Didn't Liked

  • This particular model sits very low to the ground so you may need to prop it up on bricks.
  • It is not meant for use on grass as it will singe your lawn due to how the fire pit sits.

 2. Outland Firebowl 883 Mega Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit

The Outland Firebowl is the ideal camping companion, especially if you live in an area where there are campfire bans. Unlike other products, you don’t need to carry any charcoal or wood with you, saving on space and mess. The Firebowl burns a cleaner fuel than others available on the market, and you don’t need to spend time making kindling and struggle lighting one during a storm. The propane ignites instantly and provides you with an excellent heat source for yourself and your guests.

Whilst it doesn’t have the same aesthetics as other firepits, it is more of a form over function product. It is very lightweight and portable, which means you can take it to events, other people’s parties and on camping holidays. You just need to provide your own propane bottle. The hosing from the pit is 10feet long; making sure it is kept at a safe distance from live flame.

The output of the outland is an estimated 58,000 BTU’s or British thermal units, this is enough to toast marshmallows as well as keep multiple guests warm around it. To make life even simpler, this firepit requires no assembly. Once it is out of its case, it is ready for use, saving you valuable time and effort.

Things We Liked

  • You don’t need to carry wood, kindling and fire fighters; the outland is ready to go as soon as you get it out of its case.
  • It burns a cleaner fuel than other alternative fire pits that is easy to get, especially in remote camping locations.
  • There is no assembly required; you’re good to go once you have got it out of its case.
  • The outland is very light weight and ideal for a life of camping and being taken to different locations.
  • The 10 foot long hose makes sure that you are far enough away from the fuel source to be safe.

Things We Didn't Liked

  • If you are looking for a patio statement piece, this isn’t the one for you; it is defiantly a form over function product.
  • Due to the nature of the fuel, you may have to carry a larger propane bottle with you, especially for an extended camping trip.

 3. Solo Stove Bonfire Stainless Steel Outdoor Smokeless Firepit

The solo stove is the celebrity of the firepit world. It provides the latest innovations on the market that are all geared to help you have the best outdoor experience possible through applying their patented technology. Normal firepits are more often than not single skinned and work through oxygen feeding the bottom of the fire, which then emits heat and then smoke. The design features of the solo stove means that it has two skins, one that feeds the fire and the second which acts as secondary combustion which reduces the smoke but increases the heat output.

As the combustion is different on this firepit than others that available on the market, the end results are exceptional. It means that the fuel you put in it will burn slower, but the heat emitted is far greater than other pits of the equivalents size on the market.

While is design may not look any different to that of a washing machine drum, it is more about style over substance. Other firepits may well look more aesthetically pleasing, but they will burn more fuel over a shorter period of time and not have the same level of heat output as the solo stove. All these factors work together to create a product that not only reduces the smoke emitted, thus keeping your clothes free from that bonfire smell, but it also makes it exceptionally lightweight and portable. As the design is simple and sleek, it is built for life in a van and being taken to your friends’ houses.

Things We Liked

  • Leading the way in innovative design, the patented solo stove can produce more heat using less fuel.
  • The design utilises secondary combustion to reduce the burn time of the fuel.
  • Heat emitted is far greater than other firepits in the same class.
  • The durable and simple design means it can be taken from place to place without fear of damaging or breaking it.
  • Won’t burn your decking as it set nice and high away from the floor.

Things We Didn't Liked

  • If you were to judge it on looks alone, it wouldn’t win any awards. If you are looking for a statement for your decking, this isn’t it.
  • Be careful on how you pack the solo stove away after a season as it can dent if you aren’t careful.

 4. Sunnydaze Cosmic Outdoor Wood Burning 42 Inch Firepit

This Sunnydaze cosmic firepit is the one for you if you want a statement piece that can fit loads of your family and friends around it. The 42inch pit is one of the largest available on the market and the fact that it is 10inches high means that your decking will stay intact.

The rust resistant construction means that you will be able to go for season after season, without fear or corrosion or rust. You can also live without fear that it will warp with high heat. The steel construction coupled with the high temperature paint make this a long-lasting products that you can guarantee will work each time you pull the cover of it off.

The design is elegant and sleek, but it is not a case that these features don’t add anything to it. The safety features are incorporated into the design, the easy lift mesh screen will keep yourself and your guests safe from flying embers. The ergonomic design doesn’t stop there; the detectable grate makes sure you can easily empty out ash without having to tip the fire pit to do so. The modular nature of the design not only makes it easy to use, it also makes it easy to transport, put up and take down, making it ideal for camping trips.

Things We Liked

  • It’s an amazing fire pit that will become the centre piece of your decking.
  • The 42inch decking means you can fit all of your friends and family round it without fear of missing anyone out.
  • The cosmic cut out design is backed by mesh making it very safe.
  • The modular nature of the pit makes it an ideal travel partner if you’re popping over to your friends or going camping.
  • Safety is incorporated into the design. The stylish mesh lid makes it so that no one in party gets hit by sparks or embers.

Things We Didn't Liked

  • Due to the size of the firepit it may be difficult to light and will take more fuel.
  • Try and keep the firepit out of heavy rain, it is meant for summer seasonal use and not as a permanent fixture in your garden throughout winter.

 5. AmazonBasics 34-Inch Natural Stone Fire Pit

If you are looking for a good all round firepit, the AmazonBasics range 34 inch has you covered. The design is reminiscent of Grecian architecture and it will happily become the centre piece for your wood decking. The natural stone means that it is hard wearing and can be exposed to the elements with little to fear in terms of degradation.

The design of the fire pit is not only beautiful, it is also functional. The four legs on which it stands are beautifully designed, but also make sure that it is sturdy. Unlike other firepits of the same size, the AmazonBasics has longer legs. This means there is less chance of any damage occurring to your decking, but also means you can gather more people around it due to the higher level of the radiating heat.

The steel base construction is ideal for burning wood; the detachable metal grate makes it exceptionally easy to light due to increase oxygen flow and even easier to clean. Simply let it cool down and clean away. You can be sure that no fly away embers will harm your guests or your children; put the fire screen on for risk free heat.

Things We Liked

  • It’s beautifully designed and ideal, if you want a firepit to be the centre of attention on your decking.
  • Whilst is it aesthetically pleasing, it is all functional. The stone and copper inlay makes it steady and helps it retain its shape.
  • Good size bowl, ideal for placing larger logs.
  • The amazon firepit has longer legs than most, it won’t burn your grass or the decking.
  • The four stabilising legs make it an incredibly rigid and safe fire pit.

Things We Didn't Liked

  • If you get water in it, it can be difficult to get out. Read the manufactures guide as to how they recommend removing water.
  • Whilst this item is durable it isn’t meant for live outside all season, it can be prone to rust especially when it spends a long time out in the rain.

 6. Campfire Defender Protect Preserve Pop-Up Fire Pit

If you want to have a fire pit that is function over form, the campfire defender may be the product for you. This firepit is innovative in design and will not only pack flat, but it takes up less space than a camping chair and weighs less than 8lbs. The large base makes sure that you aren’t losing out on size and will ensure that everyone you are camping with will stay warm and have enough space to toast marshmallows.

One of the best features of the campfire defender is the added heatshield. You can be sure that even if you have it burning for days at a time, you won’t be burning the grass or you’re decking. This campfire doesn’t have to just be used out in the woods. If you want one at home that isn’t a permanent structure on your decking and is reserved for special occasions, this could be ideal for you.  It is exceptionally easy to put up and will cool off in 90 seconds once your fire is extinguished.

The engineering that has gone into this fire pit is pretty incredible. The large surface area of mesh makes sure that you get sufficient airflow to burn your logs hot and it also meets forest regulations around campfires. You will have no worries popping this up and lighting it wherever you find yourself. It really is a trusty companion that is super easy to pack up and down, that will keep you warm and your friends happy.

Things We Liked

  • The heatshield makes sure you won’t burn your grass or the decking.
  • The mesh makes sure you get the best burn through increased airflow
  • Stainless steel means it is durable and will be ready for a rugged life.
  • No tools are needed to erect it or put the campfire down
  • The entire unit will be cool in 90 seconds from when you extinguish the fire.

Things We Didn't Liked

  • There is no heat mesh to stop fly away embers.
  • Don’t put too much fuel on the fire if you are using the heatshield as it may not hold up in structural integrity.

 7. BALI OUTDOORS Outdoor Fireplace Wooden Fire Pit

The Bali outdoors firepit is one of the few with the traditional chimenea design. This design makes sure that you and none of your guests have sore eyes from an evening filled with smoke. The chimney is high enough to ensure the smoke is whipped away from your seated guests and reduces the need to only burn reduced smoke fuel.

Unlike traditional chimenea’s the Bali outdoors is constructed of cast iron. Not only does this give it a timeless feel, it adds decadence to your decking. The black cast iron also limits the reduction of any marks that may come from burning particular fuels; therefore it will always look as good as when you first bought it. The construction means it is a lot more durable and weather resistant than other designs; it can sit on your decking all year round without the fear of rust.

The 360 degree mesh makes sure that you are safe from any flying sparks or embers, but it also makes sure all your guests benefit from you having a fire pit. This addition of the 360 degree mesh it what sets this chimenea apart from other chimenea products. The entire design of the Bali Outdoors is well thought out and considered. It is easy to use and even easier to clean, with the grates coming out along with slide out catch trays. Minimal effort is needed to light and clean it!

Things We Liked

  • Stunning black design will make sure that it takes centre stage of your patio.
  • Cast iron legs result in a durable and strong chimenea that will give you warm evenings for years to come.
  • Thoughtful inclusions of catch trays make it easy to clean and easy to use with no tools needed to empty it out.
  • It stands high enough to make sure that you don’t burn your decking.
  • The height of the chimney will keep the smoke out of your eyes and stop clothes smelling.

Things We Didn't Liked

  • You will need tools to assemble this product, follow the manufactures guidelines on how to put it together as it can be complex.
  • Make sure you wear protective gloves when you are putting the mesh in; the edges are exceptionally sharp and may cause your hands damage.

 8. Outsunny 32" Steel Square Outdoor Patio Wood Burning Fire Pit

If you want a firepit than can double as a BBQ, then look no further than the Outsunny 32inch. The way in which it has been designed makes it so you can quite happily cook on your firepit without having to light the BBQ up as well. Not only that, on colder nights you can pop your mug of coco on the side of the fire pit and it will help keep it nice and warm.

The Outsunny isn’t just designed for the summer months. The solid construction means that you can use it all year round and keep your family and friends warm and toasting smores well into the fall months. The steel construction makes for a rigid platform that will keep going for years to come and the heat resistant base will be exceptionally difficult to burn through.

The sleek design means that this firepit will instantly become your favourite piece of outdoor furniture. It has as contemporary look whilst retaining a classic chic; you will be the envy of all your friends and family. The height of the firepit results in a good distribution of heat around the patio and it sits high enough so that it won’t damage it.

Things We Liked

  • The table design is ideal for keeping your drinks warm when you are still using it into fall.
  • It can double up as a BBQ, this will save you time and effort as you don’t have to light to separate pieces of equipment.
  • The mesh screen makes sure that your children and family members are protected from sparks
  • Steel construction makes the unit exceptionally durable and long lasting
  • The Outsunny has good leg length, so you can be sure your decking won’t get burnt.

Things We Didn't Liked

  • The Outsunny doesn’t have an easy way to empty out the ashes.
  • Due to the shallowness of the pit, the sides can become very hot so you will want your children to sit away from it.

 9. Catalina Creations AD544 Cauldron Wood Burning Patio Fire Pit

The Catalina creations is possibly the most rustic looking fire pit that we are reviewing, however don’t let this put you off. It is beautifully elegant in its simplicity and give will you hours of joy in the summer evenings. The 34’’ pit allows you to have large, deep fires that will keep burning well into the night and if you did need to put it out. The drainage channels in the pit make sure that all the water can escape and stop any potential rust in its tracks.

It is not the highest of firepits, but you can’t say that it isn’t rock solid. The three mental legs sit the belly of the pit off the floor and away from your decking. It isn’t as tall as others reviewed, but what it lacks in height it makes up in depth and diameter. The construction has been well considered to not only include design but also functionally, the steel will make sure that this pit lasts longer than decking.

The design and aesthetic of the firepit also have practicality built in. The mesh protector can be lifted with a tool that is also included to make sure that no one burns their hands or suffers from hot ash or sparks landing on them. This firepit has it all and if you like rustic looks that wouldn’t be out of place on a farm, this is the firepit for you.

Things We Liked

  • In built drainage channels make sure that water can easily escape which results in rust being limited.
  • Rustic design is a beautiful accompaniment to any decking.
  • The large diameter of the drum will ensure that all of your friends and family will stay warm around it.
  • Built of high-quality steel, it will keep going season after season.
  • It comes with well-designed safety considerations, such as the mesh screen which prevents hot ash and sparks flying.

Things We Didn't Liked

  • The legs may be a little short for some people taste.
  • Whilst it is constructed of strong materials, it is not as heavy duty as other firepits we have reviewed.

 10. Bonnlo 32” OutdoorWood Burning Fire Pit

If you want a firepit that is light weight, attractive and will bring your family and friends together, the bonnlo 32’’ might be the one for you. The slid steel construction means that you can use it often without fear that you are causing damaging and limiting its life on your patio. But it is also light enough to be able to be taken to your friends or camping.

The table design means that you can leave items resting on the edges and even use it as a BBQ if you so choose. The multifunctional nature of this firepit is what drew us to it along with the design. You can quiet happily fit 8 people around it and they will all benefit from the heat that this firepit is capable of making.

Unlike other table firepits, this has a deeper belly so you can make larger fires. Not only that, it also comes with a well-designed mesh screen to keep ash and ember away from you and your guests. The legs stand high enough to make sure that you aren’t damaging the environment below.

Things We Liked

  • Really easy to put together, just make sure that you have the right tools on hand and follow the instructions.
  • Elegant and sleek design, it will fit most types of décor and colour schemes.
  • Good area for burning wood, you won’t struggle making a big fire.
  • It includes a mesh screen to keep sparks in with the fire.
  • It can double up as a BBQ, making it a multifunctional firepit.

Things We Didn't Liked

  • If you are putting it together on your own, make sure you do it on a flat surface to ensure that you get an even finish.
  • It can be difficult to empty out the ash from this firepit. Make sure you have fully extinguished the fire before you attempt this.

Having A Firepit on Wooden Decking

The idea of having a firepit on wood decking may send shivers up your spine. If you are careful in how you select your firepit, you’ll be absolutely fine with burning wood on your deck on those long summer evenings. So what factors do you need to consider before making the purchase?


Firstly, you need to make sure that your decking is strong enough to be able to handle the additional weight of the firepit. Look at how your decking is constructed and if you think it needs reinforcement, it probably does. You can do this by adding in joists where you want to place the firepit just to make sure it’ll hold up.


You want to make sure that the smoke from your firepit can escape. If you have a canopy over your decking, you want to place the firepit in a location where the smoke can safely be extracted from the area. Likewise, you don’t want the pit placed too close to your house. Even though the fire risk is low, if you have a consistent prevailing wind, the smoke can stain the side of your house.


You want the firepit to be placed centrally on your decking so that everyone can have access to the heat, but what you don’t want to do is place it too close to your furniture. You want a minimum radius of 1 metre away from any items that could be combustible, such as garden chairs.


Height or pit depth is one the key considerations you need to make before you commit to purchasing a firepit. You need to make sure that it stands high enough not to burn or singe your decking. Some firepit products have long legs, but the pit itself sits very low, so always look at the dimensions before you make the purchase. You are better off either with a long legged, high standing firepit or one that has shorter legs and a shallow pit. This limits the risk to yourself and your decking.

Using Firepits Safely On Wooden Decking

Clean Your Decking

Before lighting your firepit, you want to make sure that your decking is clean. It may seem like overkill to be doing this each time before use. It is the safest way of ensuring that there is nothing flammable on the decking that may cause you or your family harm. Things such as dry pine needles or spilt oil can pose a fire risk and you want to make sure that your decking is free from them.

Use A Screen

If you are purchasing a fire pit with a screen, use it as much as you can. It may inhibit the amount of heat emitted, but you can be sure that the chances of your decking catching alight are vastly decreased. A screen also makes sure that your guests aren’t caught off guard by any rogue embers or sparks that could land on their skin.

Fire Pit For Wood Deck: Pre Purchase Considerations


If you want a firepit that doubles up as a BBQ, look for a firepit that is a table design. You’ll be able to easily cook basic food such as hotdogs and kebabs over the open flame and be able to rest cooking utensils on the side.

Size and style

If you want a statement piece, make sure you look for large pits with a good diameter; you don’t want to be disappointed with the size once you have purchased it. You also want one that will fit the feel of your garden and patio area. If you are looking for an exotic firepit, the Bali outdoors can add a real tropical feel to your garden, or if you are looking for a more rustic example, the Catalina will tick all your boxes.


If you don’t want a firepit that has the potential to smoke, a chimenea design will be better suited to you. They have a higher standing chimney but don’t have the same open flame as a firepit. They are often perceived as safer due to the close in nature of the fire, but this is down to your own personal preference.


You want a firepit that is easy to clean and doesn’t require it being taken apart to do so. Most have detachable bottoms that will allow you to empty the ash with limited hassle. Whereas other models may require that you tip the ash out by turning it over. Whichever method is your preference, make sure the model you are looking at does what you want it to.

One really good feature some have, especially for ones that live their live on wood decking, is drainage channels. Water can add a lot of weight and you don’t want a firepit full of rain that has the potential to bow your decking. Look for firepits that have drainage channels that allow the water to escape.

Kid Friendly

Children love sitting round the fire toasting marshmallows and making smores. Make sure that the pit you chose has a good outer circumference so that if any incidences such as trips or falls do occur, they won’t hit the fire pit directly. Rather they may hurt themselves on another part of the fire pit, but they won’t burn themselves. Mesh guards are also an excellent way to prevent any types of incidents occurring. They are heavy and require additional tools to get off so serve as a proactive barrier to keep your kids away from the flames.

Final Thoughts

There is now no reason not to be able to have a firepit on your decking. With so many different designs available, you will always find one that suits your taste and your need. Before you make the purchase, really consider how you are going to use the fire pit. Is it just going to be something that you occasionally get out or is it going to be the focal point of your decking? Each answer gives you as different option, if it is as a temporary fixture that you want to be able to put away easily, the camping style firepits may well be the choice for you.

However, if you want one as a focal point, then you have a variety of options to choose from. If you want to be able to cook on it, then a table design would be the one to go for. Or if you just want a rustic looking firepit that wouldn’t be misplaced at a tailgate party or on a farm, the Catalina may well be the one for you.

Before you start using your fire pit on your decking, make sure the one you have purchased is not only tall enough, but the base is shallow enough to make it so that you don’t mark your decking. Clean your decking before each use to make sure there is nothing flammable on there that could potential cause a fire. Once you have your firepit lit and the family gathered round, make sure that it is never left on its own. Always keep the fire attended and before you settle in for the night, make sure it is fully extinguished. Follow our ultimate buyers guide and you won’t be disappointed with the firepit you choose!

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