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Best Outdoor Misting Fans in 2020 - Top 5 Models Discussed

When temperatures start increasing, you want to be able to sit outside and bask in the sun whilst staying as cool as possible. Outdoor misting fans are an excellent addition to any patio or decking area. Not only will they provide you with a constant stream of cool air, the misting function will make sure stay cool even on the hottest days.

Once the sun has gone down, but the temperature still remains high, you can pick your fan up and use it in your home without the misting feature to make sure you remain cool and comfortable,

With this tool, you can give people visiting your restaurant, lounge, parks, shopping mall and other areas a cool atmosphere. Not only that, but you can also have it in your greenhouse, deck, or your patio. But what are the best outdoor misting fans? Here are our top 5.


Product Name

Fan Size (In)


Best Outdoor Misting Fans in 2020- Top 5 Models Discussed - Tools DiaryNewAir Outdoor Misting Fan Oscillating Pedestal Fan

NewAir Outdoor Misting Fan Oscillating Pedestal Fan


Best Outdoor Misting Fans in 2020- Top 5 Models Discussed - Tools DiaryWINDCHASER Outdoor Misting Fan

WINDCHASER Outdoor Misting Fan


Best Outdoor Misting Fans in 2020- Top 5 Models Discussed - Tools DiaryOutdoor Misting Fan, Multi

SPT 16" Outdoor Misting Fan, Multi


Best Outdoor Misting Fans in 2020- Top 5 Models Discussed - Tools DiaryXPOWER 3 Speed Portable Outdoor Cooling Misting Fan

XPOWER 3 Speed Portable Outdoor Cooling Misting Fan


Best Outdoor Misting Fans in 2020- Top 5 Models Discussed - Tools DiaryHigh Velocity Outdoor Mist Fan

High Velocity Outdoor Mist Fan


Quick Review on Best 5 Outdoor Misting Fans

 1. NewAir Outdoor Misting Fan Oscillating Pedestal Fan

Best Outdoor Misting Fans in 2020- Top 5 Models Discussed - Tools DiaryNewAir Outdoor Misting Fan Oscillating Pedestal Fan Review

The NewAir outdoor fan will provide you with an exceptional range of up to 500 square foot, which will cool even the largest of outdoor patios. The oscillating head will provide you and your guests will equal gusts that is sure to keep even one cool even on the hottest of days. The fan is exceptionally easy to use with three push settings, so you are able to get the perfect setting and the height adjustment means that you can really set it to how you want.

The design is just as much function with fashion, the black fan has been expertly designed to maximise its output, whilst remaining sleek and stylish. It has also been designed for the elements and life outdoors so you can trust that it won’t rust or corrode.

You can opt to use the misting function, which is compatible with almost all garden hoses. It is easy to link up and will provide you with a cooling mist from one output on the fans head. Don’t worry about water mixing with electricity, newair have ensured that the product is safe by including a leakage protection device which will shut the fan down at the first signs of leakage.

Things We Liked

  • Lightweight
  • Will cover an area up to 500 square foot
  • Easy to link up to your hose system
  • Durable construction
  • Stylish and practical

Things We Didn't Like

  • Only one output for mist can result in uneven coverage
  • The oscillation path may be too wide for some.

 2. WINDCHASER Outdoor Misting Fan

Best Outdoor Misting Fans in 2020- Top 5 Models Discussed - Tools DiaryWINDCHASER Outdoor Misting Fan Review

The Wind chaser boasts that it can provide up to 40,000 British thermal units of coolness straight to you and can cool an area down by up to 25 degrees, even on the hottest of days. It has been designed with precision care in such areas as blade shape and angles to maximise the cooling effect of the fan.

The wind chaser has a more even flow of mist when you hook it up, with the mist coming out from 4 nipples which are evenly placed around the fans head. This makes sure that everyone gets an even covering of mist and it isn’t just one sided. The safety features also make sure that at the first sign of water, the fan will shut down and cease operation.

Whilst it is an excellent fan, the design and look of it may not appeal to everyone. It is not as aesthetically pleasing as other items, so it may not be the statement piece that you want for your patio. However, it has been constructed to last, so in this case it is function over form.

Things We Liked

  • Exceptional cooling capability
  • 4 nipples ensure an even distribution of mist
  • Easy to set up
  • Safety measures that make sure the fan shuts down at the first sign of water
  • Constructed for a life outside on the patio

Things We Didn't Like

  • The Wind chaser is not a fan that is a statement piece
  • Assembly can be confusing, especially if you are putting it together on your own

 3. SPT 16" Outdoor Misting Fan, Multi

Best Outdoor Misting Fans in 2020- Top 5 Models Discussed - Tools DiaryOutdoor Misting Fan, Multi Review

If you have a large outdoor patio, the SPT 16’’ may be the fan for you. With a large head and good power draw, it can cover an area of 640 square foot and give you and your guests the equivalent cooling power of up to 40,000 BTU’s.

The height adjustable feature makes this fan an excellent companion whether you want to sit up or lay down, with height increasing and decreasing by 9 inches. The fan head has 4 brass nozzles that ensure even distribution of mist across your patio and the use of brass will make sure that it doesn’t rust.

The SPT is easy to set up and easy to use, if you have a standard fit hose pipe, you will be sat in cooling mist in no time at all. Whilst the fan is excellent at being a fan, it won’t provide you with the sleek elegance that others have.

Things We Liked

  • Will cool an exceptionally large area
  • Easy assembling management
  • 4 brass nozzles make sure that you and your guests get mist evenly
  • Good head rotation
  • Height adjustable

Things We Didn't Like

  • Not the fan for you if you want elegant design
  • There is little difference between the medium and high setting

 4. XPOWER 3 Speed Portable Outdoor Cooling Misting Fan

Best Outdoor Misting Fans in 2020- Top 5 Models Discussed - Tools DiaryXPOWER 3 Speed Portable Outdoor Cooling Misting Fan Review

Unlike other fans the XPower is built on the idea that portability is king, this means that you aren’t restricted to just keeping it on your patio and you can move it to whatever social occasion you believe needs cooling down. Because of its portable nature it is very well build and designed to be knocked about and still work.

It is very easy to set up and will cool a variety of areas down by at least 25 degrees, making it an excellent addition to any outdoor event. The setup is faster than most other fans; it really is plug and play. The safety features ensure that even if your hose springs a leak, the fan will shut down making sure you and your family keep safe.

Don’t be put off by how small the fan may appear; it really does kick out a powerful stream of air. This is an excellent purchase if you are trying to cool down one particular area; however it does not oscillate and may not be up to standard if you have a large patio.

Things We Liked

  • Lightweight and portable
  • As it has been designed to be moved, it is tougher than other fans
  • Cools down smaller areas exceptionally quickly
  • Good distribution of mist given the size
  • Quick to setup and use

Things We Didn't Like

  • Doesn’t have a large range
  • Doesn’t oscillate to increase the range

 5. High Velocity Outdoor Mist Fan

Best Outdoor Misting Fans in 2020- Top 5 Models Discussed - Tools DiaryHigh Velocity Outdoor Mist Fan Review

The high velocity fan offers a huge 18-inch head, which will cover even the largest of patios. The power draw for this fan is high but you are rewarded with a product that will cool you down on even the hottest and stickiest of days.

There is clear distinction between the three speeds so you will always find a setting that matches how you feel. The stainless steel and brass construction results in a product that you can mount and your wall and forget about for summers to come as you can be sure that it won’t rust or corrode.

The misting nozzles are some of the largest of any fans and make sure you that will have a consistent output of cooling mist that will reach the furthest ends of your patio. The safety features that are built in make sure that the fan will stop at the first sign of a leak.

Things We Liked

  • Excellent distribution of mist
  • Constructed of high-quality materials
  • Can be wall mounted or set on the floor
  • Easy set up
  • Multiple safety features to ensure safe operation

Things We Didn't Like

  • It doesn’t oscillate, so you will need to select placement carefully to maximise patio coverage.
  • It has been designed with purpose in mind rather than aesthetics, so it is not the sleekest looking of fans.

How Do You Achieve The Cooling Effect?

When the outdoor misting fans the air, the water changes its state to gas state. How? You see, during summer, the temperature is very high. It is this hot temperature that helps convert the water from liquid state to gas state.

As a result, the air around the misting fan cools down thus giving you a cool atmosphere. In fact, if you install it correctly, you can have the temperature go down up to 30°F.  However, that too depends on the type you are using.

What To Consider When Purchasing An Outdoor Misting Fan


While you may want to spend less on an outdoor misting fan, it is always good to consider if what you get at a low price is worth it.

You have heard it said that it is always good to consider misting systems that are cheap, but I’ll tell you the truth today; that is not always the best thing to do. Why? It becomes a loss when you go for a cheap misting system that breaks down in less than a month than going for one that is expensive and affordable that will give you a lifetime service.

So, as much as you want to save several dollars, also think of what you need from the misting system. Also, consider if it will offer you a lifetime service. In other words, try as much as you can to balance price and quality.

Mister’s Coverage Area

Consider the size of the area you want the misting fan to cover before you purchase it. Always go for one that can exceed your expected maximum coverage by up to 15-20 percent.

If you need this item for a commercial (large) coverage, then it is good to think of a mister that can cover up to 10,00Ft². Otherwise, for a smaller coverage, you can go for one that covers up to 500Ft² square feet or even 10 feet if it’s for a home.

Speed Adjustment

Even in summer, the temperature is not always the same. That, therefore, means that you need to look for this kind of fan that allows you to control the misting levels and flow of air.

An excellent misting system should offer you three different speed control settings. That is, low, medium and high. Consider the maximum airflow of the misting fan you want to purchase to determine its effectiveness.

How much air can it circulate each minute? You need to know that if such fans have a high CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute), it will move a lot of air within a short time.


If you want the misting fan to cover a wide area, then, going for one that offers an oscillation of 360° is wise. Also, some people hate noisy regions and having an outdoor system that is noisy may drive them away. Therefore, think of a noise-free outdoor misting fun.

Also, consider a misting fan that can distribute air evenly so that you can cover all the area you need to cool effectively.


Don’t spend money that does not meet the needs you expect. That is if you want to have extensive area coverage and it cannot effectively do that, then, no need speed a single coin on it.

See, other expenses come with a misting system. For example, there is water and electricity bill which are a must have for this system to run.

misting fan performance

Therefore, take your time and consider the size of the area you need to cover, and the amount of air flow. These are what make a good quality misting fun. Also, consider if the system is using a lot of water and power. You don’t have to overload yourself with bills that you are not able to pay. So, consider the performance of the system before you purchase it.

The Model and Purpose

Once you identify the purpose of these fans, you should then consider the right model (personal, compact, standing) to go for. Consider if you want to have one that has a tank or not.

Also, consider if you need it for a commercial use or residential use. This way,  you will be in position to decide the kind of outdoor fan to go for.

Source Of Water

What is the source of your water? Do you want to get water directly from the source? Then, think of a tankless outdoor misting fan. It comes with a hose to allow you to connect the system directly to the source of water. Do you have a problem with getting enough water in your home? No problem.

An outdoor misting system that has a tank will deal with the water problem because you just have to add water into the tank.

Let me tell you what you get when you purchase a misting system with a tank and the one without a tank.

If you decide you want the one with a tank, you can be sure that you can move it to whatever place you want. That contradicts with the tankless misting fan. Why? With this misting fan, you have to connect the hose directly to the source of water. That means you can only move the misting fan to the area around your source of water depending on the length of the hose.

The good thing with a tankless misting fan is that you don’t have to keep on refilling the tank. However, the misting fan with a tank is also not a bad choice because it can serve you even for 8 hours. Nevertheless, that is possible if you have one that can hold up to 5 gallons of water since some hold only half a gallon. However, if you buy the one with a tank, be willing to refill it with water and also to empty it each day. Otherwise, it gets mouldy.

Type of Mist Needed

The kind of mist needed depends on whether you want a commercial or a home outdoor misting fan. Why? A commercial mister needs to cover a wide area and will require more pressure, but a casual mister may need just some small amount of pressure. This pressure determines the type of mist you get.

You can, therefore, choose to have the nozzle or centrifugal items. The centrifugal has a plate at the centre of the fan where mist goes through while in the nozzle fan, mist goes through the fan head where the nozzles are.

The latter has a low pressure since they don’t have a pump and that is why they are not an excellent choice for any commercial purposes.

The fact that they don’t have much pressure means that the mist will be much wetter thus contradicting with the centrifugal misting fans. Why? The centrifugal produces mist that is drier as well finer. That is because there is sufficient high pressure since they have a pump.

For Your Safety: Follow The Following Safety And Precautions Measures

  • Children, persons with disability, mentally challenged and persons with no experience should not operate this system unless someone is supervising them.
  • Do not use these fans in areas where there is any flammable liquid.
  • Never connect a new misting fan to power until you complete assembling it.
  • The power code should never run over another part on the fan.
  • Uncoil any part of the cord before plugging to power.
  • Don’t automate the system to switch on automatically. Why? It could cause a fire in case you start it while there is improper storage or something is covering it.
  • Ensure you use the right voltage as shown in the manual or as guided by the manufacturer.
  • Avoid at all cost having objects like sticks, papers or any other foreign materials on the fan while it is operating.
  • Only use cold water and unplug before refilling water if it has a tank.
  • Never touch the grills when the fan is running.
  • Due to the rotation of the fun, ensure that the fan is stable before switching on the power.
  • When cleaning, moving or disabling the fan, always ensure that you unplug from the source of power.
  • Before you disconnect this system, turn off the main switch.
  • Store in an upright position.
  • In case of malfunction or breakage look for an expert to examine the system.
  • Make sure the power code or the plug does not get into contact with water to avoid electrical shock.

Two Major Misting Fan Problems And How To Resolve Them

While having this sort of fan can be great fun, sometimes it may have problems that may leave you feeling frustrated. In most cases, users get frustrated so that they end up putting it back in the store or returning it to the buyer while they can just resolve some problems.

That is why this review will talk about two common problems and how you can resolve them without calling a technician.

Dirty Mist

Fan grills made from metal can cause dirty mist. Why? Rust can easily attack them, and as a result, you will get the dirty mist. Therefore, always clean the grills, the misting nozzles, and the fan blades frequently.

Also, you can ensure that you cover the fan when storing the misting fan. This way, you will prevent dust from accumulating on the wet fan thus causing rust. In fact, it is good to ensure that your misting fan is dry before storing it. This is a sure way of keeping rust away.

Insufficient Mist

Insufficient mist could be as a result of the low supply of water. If there is too little water supply, the nozzles of your outdoor misting fan will supply little or no mist in any way. Therefore, checking on the supply of water to confirm if it is enough should be the first thing to consider doing.

If for example, you are using a misting fan that uses a water tank for water supply, you should check if the water is enough to give sufficient mist. If you are using a hose, then check on the source of water to see if there is enough flow of water.

If the water supply is okay, then consider looking at the nozzles to see if any of them is faulty. In case they are damaged, then consider replacing them. Otherwise, clogging also causes insufficient mist. Therefore, find out if there is any dust accumulation or debris that is building up in the nozzles.

In case there is any accumulation of dust or debris building up, you need to clean the nozzles to resolve the issue. In fact, if you love your misting fan, always clean it regularly to give it a long a life.

How To Clean The Nozzles?

  • Turn off the misting fun and unplug it from the source of power.
  • Carefully remove the nozzles from the system. Tapping them on a surface might be enough if it is dust that is causing the problem.
  • In case, the problem is still in existence, removing the O-ring would be the way to go so that you soak the nozzles in vinegar.
  • After 30 or 60 minutes, rinse the misting nozzles and have them back to the misting fan.


Don’t wait until summer so that you can purchase any of these misting fans. The right time to order your best choice is now. However, remember to consider all the factors I have discussed in this review before purchasing to get exactly what you need.

Once you have the misting fan, the first thing you need to remember is the safety and precaution measures so that you stay safe as you enjoy the cool air during summer. Also, remember to clean the misting fan on a regular basis so that it doesn’t get faulty. Nevertheless, if the misting fan gets serious problems and fails to run, do not risk by repairing. Hire a technician to fix it for you.

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