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The Best Pruning Saw In 2020 - Editor’s Top 7 Picks

A pruning saw is a tool that every gardener needs in their tool box. It is sharp bladed toothed tools that are used for trimming back live shrubs. Trimming back live shrubs stimulates growth and can help increase flowering and fruit yield.

There are many different types of pruning saws, so how do you know which one to use? A good guide is the size of the branch, shrub or hedge you want to prune. If you can’t get your hand sheers or pruner round the item you wish to prune, a pruning saw is the option for you.

As there is such a variety of pruning tools available to you, I have reviewed the best pruning saw to help you make your decision.

Top Rated Pruning Saws - Comparison


Product Name

Dimension (in)

Blade (in)


The Best Pruning Saw In 2020 - Editor’s Top 7 Picks - Tools DiaryCorona RazorTOOTH Folding Pruning Saw, RS 7265D

Corona RazorTOOTH Folding Pruning Saw, RS 7265D

1 x 2.7 x 12


The Best Pruning Saw In 2020 - Editor’s Top 7 Picks - Tools DiaryEverSaw Folding Hand Saw By Home Planet Gear

EverSaw Folding Hand Saw By Home Planet Gear

9.5 x 2.2 x 0.8


The Best Pruning Saw In 2020 - Editor’s Top 7 Picks - Tools DiaryTarvol Heavy Duty Pruning Saw

Tarvol Heavy Duty Pruning Saw

17 x 1 x 2


The Best Pruning Saw In 2020 - Editor’s Top 7 Picks - Tools DiarySilky Professional Series Ultra Accel Curved Blade Folding Saw, 446-24

Silky Professional Series Curved Blade Folding Saw

21 x 4.3 x 0.9


The Best Pruning Saw In 2020 - Editor’s Top 7 Picks - Tools DiaryTABOR TOOLS TTS25A Folding Saw


9.4 x 3 x 1


The Best Pruning Saw In 2020 - Editor’s Top 7 Picks - Tools DiaryCorona RazorTOOTH Pruning Saw, RS 7395

Corona RazorTOOTH Pruning Saw, RS 7395

48.9 x 9.5 x 2.4


The Best Pruning Saw In 2020 - Editor’s Top 7 Picks - Tools DiarySamurai Ichiban Curved Pruning Saw, GC-330-LH

Samurai Ichiban Curved Pruning Saw, GC-330-LH

20.5 x 5.1 x 1.6


The 7 Best Pruning Saws On the Market

 1. Corona RazorTOOTH Folding Pruning Saw 10" Curved Blade, RS 7265D

The Best Pruning Saw In 2020 - Editor’s Top 7 Picks - Tools DiaryCorona RazorTOOTH Folding Pruning Saw 10

The Corona Razor tooth folding pruner has been well crafted to give you the best experience by making pruning as efficient as possible. The blade alone is put through four processes before it reaches the shelves. Their trade mark razor tooth system limits friction and increase efficiency.

This machine is light and durable; the ergonomic design makes it easy to use. Even though the pruner is very light, you don’t need to apply heavy pressure to cut through the branch or shrub. The triple sided razor teeth make cutting a dream.

The folding blade is a must when dealing with a blade this sharp. I am more than happy to fold it up and then carry it up a ladder and do my work, the same can’t be said for a bow saw. This pruner also has a tapered nose, so it is really easy to get into those small tricky spaces.

Things We Liked

  • Exceptionally well-constructed pruner
  • Durable, the treatment on the blade will make it last
  • Light, it requires limited effort to operate
  • The ergonomic design makes long uses comfortable
  • The triple sided blade makes cutting easy and efficient

Things We Didn't Like

  • The blade can rust if it isn’t taken care of
  • The blade housing may not completely cover the blade when closed, always double check

 2. EverSaw Folding Hand Saw By Home Planet Gear

The Best Pruning Saw In 2020 - Editor’s Top 7 Picks - Tools DiaryEverSaw Folding Hand Saw By Home Planet Gear Review

While the EverSaw folding handsaw is a pruner, it is so sharp and sturdy it can be used to cut almost anything. This is exceptionally light, weighing 9.6 ounces and has been designed with long uses in mind.

The durability of the EverSaw, means that it can be put in a tool bag or box and taken from construction site to construction site. The way it has fixed the blade into the foldable handle, makes the entire unit strong and rigid as well as impact resistant. The gear lock they have developed increases the safety when you are using it and make sure that it stays closed when it is being transported.

The ergonomic design and rubber handle make the saw a delight to use. The blade is exceptionally sharp and has been designed not to bind or become bogged down in softer wood, so limited effort is needed to make even the most difficult cuts.

Things We Liked

  • Designed for extended use
  • Comfortable and light in your hand
  • Triple tooth design for efficient sawing
  • Treated blade, so the life of the tool is prolonged
  • Design reduces binding through elimination of friction

Things We Didn't Like

  • The tool is very light which may be problematic for some
  • Minor adjustment may be needed if you wish to hang the pruner up in the closed position

 3. Tarvol Heavy Duty 14" Pruning Saw

The Best Pruning Saw In 2020 - Editor’s Top 7 Picks - Tools DiaryTarvol Heavy Duty Pruning Saw Review

The heavy duty pruner boasts that it is of Japanese style. This means that the way the blade is manufactured means that the blade wont bind in the wood or become bogged down due to the push and pull way the teeth are designed. This pruner by Tarvol is very well balanced considering its size and exceptionally comfortable for one with a pistol grip.

The pistol grip makes this pruner exceptionally easy to hold and it is very easy to get into those tight spots. This grip also helps when cutting off branches that you want to be as flush as possible.

The 14 inch blade is good at cutting down the larger thicker branches, which some other pruning saws aren’t capable of doing.  The blade is thick enough to chew through most woods without fear of it bending out of shape. This is a great tool to have if you have thick, dense shrubs that need a lot of work! It is light and comfortable to use and comes with a handy sheath!

Things We Liked

  • 14 Inches long, so it can fulfil most of your gardening needs
  • Japanese style blade means it won’t become bogged down or bind
  • It is well constructed, it can survive impact
  • Comfortable to use
  • The blade is exceptionally sharp, so you don’t need to apply a huge amount of pressure to get the job done.

Things We Didn't Like

  • It is not a folding blade, so additional care needs to be taken when you are re-sheathing it
  • The locking mechanism is basic and requires additional due care

 4. Silky Professional Series Curved Blade Folding Saw

The Best Pruning Saw In 2020 - Editor’s Top 7 Picks - Tools DiarySilky Professional Series Curved Blade Folding Saw, 446-24

The silky professional saw is a super lightweight and exceptionally stylish pruning saw. The 9.5 inch blade is housed in a sheath that is designed and made in Japan and reflects traditional Japanese sheaths.

The blade is manufactured to be exceptionally strong whilst being curved to give you maximum cutting efficiency. The entire unit is lovely to use, the light weight design and the superior blade design make light work out of most branches. Therefore, the smooth cutting coating on the blade makes sure it doesn’t get bogged down!

Find here lightweight aluminum frame that is wrapped with thick rubber, it will allow comfort when operates the machine. You can get your cuts almost always level with the tree or shrub you are working on. Even though it is super lightweight, all the design features work so well together, it makes pruning and cutting limbs effortless!

Things We Liked

  • Nice curved blade with proprietary tooth design
  • Easy grip handle with wrapped rubber
  • Easy to get your cuts close to the tree or shrub
  • Sheath design is stunning
  • Additional blade coating makes for a strong, durable blade

Things We Didn't Like

  • The tool may be too light for some people
  • The plastic and rubber handle may not be as durable as a metal alternative

 5. TABOR TOOLS TTS25A Folding Saw

The Best Pruning Saw In 2020 - Editor’s Top 7 Picks - Tools DiaryTABOR TOOLS Folding Saw with 8 Inch Curved Blade and Rugged Grip Handle, Hand Saw for Pruning Trees

Weighing 9.4 ounces the Tabor tools saw is a very light weight and rugged pruning saw. It has a sturdy locking mechanism which keeps the blade rigid and strong. The locking mechanism is also really good for storage. There is also no way it can slip out of a sheath or unfold itself due to the sturdy locking mechanism!

The curved blade gives excellent forward and backward movement, which makes cutting much more time effective. This blade can quite happily chew through wood 4 inches in diameter without a second thought. The added protection of a rust resistant coating is a blessing and means the blade will last season after season!

As the Tabor is a folding mechanism, the handle is exceptionally rigid and keeps its integrity unlike some other saws available on the market. The grip is comfortable and durable and will keep the blade in your hand even if you need to exert your maximum effort on a branch. However, the way this tool is constructed, it makes light work of pretty much all branches that you throw at it.

Things We Liked

  • Rigid construction
  • Folding blade which makes storage easy and safe
  • Curved blade gives excellent an efficient cutting
  • Rust resistant coating
  • Locking mechanism for when in use and when being stored

Things We Didn't Like

  • The blade us slightly thinner is comparison to others on the market
  • Locking mechanism may require maintenance to ensure the blade stays in the closed position

 6. Corona RazorTOOTH 14" Pruning Saw, RS 7395

The Best Pruning Saw In 2020 - Editor’s Top 7 Picks - Tools DiaryCorona RazorTOOTH Saw, 14 Inch Pruning Saw, RS 7395

This is a fixed blade 14 inch pruning saw that will chew through and tear up pretty much any wood you put in its way. The trade mark razor tooth system is a triple layered tooth system that makes sure you get the same cut on the draw and you do on the pull.

The razor tooth blade sits nicely in the handle and can be replaced. The metal blade fitment into the hilt gives the saw extra rigidity and versatility and makes sure that the blade doesn’t become bogged down or bind whilst you are using it.

The handle is very comfortable, the pistol grips means that you don’t have to put loads of pressure on the branch to make the cut you want. It’s a very easy tool to use and you don’t need to put in loads of effort to make it work!

Things We Liked

  • The trade mark razor tooth system makes cutting through branches effortless
  • The treated blade means it will last season after season
  • The blade can be changed
  • Pistol grip handle
  • Good sized, curved blade

Things We Didn't Like

  • Blade is thin and may have some flex
  • May need regular sharpening and maintenance to ensure longer life

 7. Samurai Ichiban 13" Curved Pruning Saw, GC-330-LH

The Best Pruning Saw In 2020 - Editor’s Top 7 Picks - Tools DiarySamurai Ichiban 13

The Samurai Ichiban is developed and manufactured in Japan. The kyoku blade is perfect for this saw and gives you just the right amount of flexibility in the blade to allow it to cut through pretty much everything. It is the ideal width to ensure that it can flex and move without damaging the tool or bogging itself down in branch.

The stylish sheath makes it look like you are using a samurai blade, just one of the reasons I love this tool. The sheath is also exceptionally well constructed and will keep the blade secure and away from external debris that may damage it.

This hand saw makes light work of pretty much anything you give it to cut. The way the handle has been designed means you need to exert little to no effort chewing through even the most stubborn of branches.

Things We Liked

  • Exceptional curved blade
  • Efficient and effective
  • Requires minimal effort for maximum results
  • Push and draw are equally effective
  • Wide yet flexible blade

Things We Didn't Like

  • May need more effort to cut dry wood
  • Flexible blade may not be to everyone’s preference

Why Do You Need A Pruning Saw In Your Tool Shed?

Pruning saws are the middle man between chain saws and bow saws but they fill their own wonderfully useful little niche. They are ideal when your garden is full of trees and shrubs that can’t be contained by hand sheers alone. Pruning saws are ideal at tackling the more difficult jobs that come with having larger trees and bushes. They are better for cutting smaller branches than the bow saw. Pruning saws are easier to get into tight places and you will get a far smoother cut than even the smallest of bow saws, even ones with a tapered nose.

Pruning saws are also exceptionally light, if you need to take one hiking with you, a folding one is perfect for your exploits. Or, even if you need one in your tool bag to take to a construction site, they are ideal. They take up less space than the same length bow saws and can be far more comfortable to use.

Difference Between Pruning Saw & Chain Saw

Pruning saws are for smaller tasks than chain saws. The ideal size of branches to be cutting with these tools depends on the length of the blade, but it is usually a branch no more than 4inches in diameter for the longer blades on the market. Usually, when I’m using a pruning saw, it is in difficult to reach places and it is more often than not more than one branch that needs to be taken off.

Getting a chain saw into that kind of position would be extremely difficult and then actually using it in such tight surroundings would be even harder. they offer targeted cutting, so you can chose exactly which branches you want to remove and how you want to do it. A chainsaw in the same situation doesn’t offer you that level of choice. Chain saws also cost money to run and take time to start up, they also do not have the added safety that a pruning saw can offer you in close working quarters!

Things To Judge When Buying a Pruning Saw

There are so many different types of pruning saws available on the market, making the choice can be difficult.


Firstly, you want a saw where you can change the blades. Blades don’t last forever, even with the best post use care and maintenance, they still require changing. Make sure you buy one where you can replace the blade!

Nature Of Blade

Width and flexibility of the blade can determine how good a pruning saw is and how long it’ll last. If the blade of a pruning saw is too thin and flexible, you may find that on the push through the branch, it can bend at an angle and either become bogged down or snap all together. Whilst I prefer a blade with some flex in it, too much can really slow down getting a job done. Likewise, if you have a blade that’s too rigid, it can have the same problem. It can become bounded and then snap. You need to strike a happy medium between the two, a wider flexible blade is one to consider when you are looking for a pruning saw.

A treated blade can make everyone’s life a lot easy. Even after every use I still clean off the pruning saw that I have used and treat it accordingly, even if the blade has been anodised in production. Anything that I can do to lengthen the life of my tools, I will, but you don’t necessarily have to. Look for blades that have been treated during manufacture. You don’t just want a standard stainless steel blade. Find one with treated steal, hardened teeth and a coating. Even without a lot of post use care, this will keep the blade going for longer than blades that haven’t received the same treatment.

Fixed Or Folding Saw?

Do you want a fixed or folding pruning saw? Both have their benefits! If you’re traveling with the these saws, either in your backpack out on a hike, or in your tool box, make sure that it either has a well fitted sheath or the locking mechanism to keep the blade secure is effective. Not only are these features useless, they are also to make sure you keep all your fingers!

Types Of Grips

Pistol grip prune saws can help alleviate pressure on your hands if you’re doing an extensive amount of pruning. This type of grip makes it easier to push and pull the blade through the branch or shrub you are trying to cut back. Looking for a pruning saw with this type of grip that also has non-slip material over it is always worthwhile. It’ll keep your hands comfy and means you can also work in less than ideal conditions, such as rain!

Safety Considerations To Adopt

When using the pruning saw, always ensure that you are using the correct safety gear. Goggles and gloves should be used as a minimum, splinters in eyes and hands can be very painful! If you’re using it at an elevated level, look to purchase either a folding pruning saw that can lock the blade closed, or an alternative would be to purchase a rigid saw, but make sure you can attach the sheath to your belt so you don’t drop it.

When cutting branches, blades can become stuck, be careful not to trap your fingers and get them pinched in the cut when trying to remove your blade. Always cut wood the same size as stipulated in the manufacturers guidelines and take particular care when cutting green wood as there may be binding.

When you are carrying the pruning saw from place to place, either fold it up or re sheath the blade. These blades are exceptionally sharp and would be able to cut through fingers very well. Take precautions when in use and when you are walking around with it.

When you have decided which branch or shrub it is you want to prune or cut back, always saw away from your body. I know it seems simple, but some branches or shrubs can be difficult to tackle and call for awkward angles to get the smoothest and closest cut.

Care And Maintenance Of Your Pruning Saw

Before use, make sure the blade is firmly in place. If you have selected a folding pruning saw, make sure both sides of the locking mechanism work, so check it closed and then open the blade to make sure it retains its rigidity.

Check to make sure the blade has all of the teeth! Missing teeth can cause a blade to become stuck and you could potentially injure yourself trying to remove it. If the blade does have missing teeth, change the blade before you start.

Finally, before you start pruning, check the blade isn’t warped or bent in anyway, again this can result in injury during use or even in transit. If the blade is warped the locking mechanism may not work as well when closed and the sheath may not effectively lock.

How To Keep Your Pruning Saw Sharp And Ready To Go?

Sharpening the blade of a pruning saw can be difficult, especially as some have three sets of teeth. If you want to take the time to master this skill, be wary and careful and seek advice before you begin to sharpen your pruning saw. If you are not happy to sharpen your own saw, it is just as easy to change the blade.

If you do see any rust on the blade or on any of the fixtures of the saw, you can clean this off and treat it to help prolong the life of your tool. Firstly, use a wire brush to take away the rust, this will help you see where the rust is and if it has compromised the blade or any of the fixtures or fittings. If the rust has compromised the blade, change the blade. If it is purely surface rust and hasn’t corroded through, clean the affected area and then apply either working man’s wax to seal the area or WD40, either are fine and both will prolong the life of your tool.

If any damage has been sustained to your pruning saw whilst in use, fix the problem before you put it away. It’s a fail-safe way to ensure that the next time you need it, it will be fixed and ready to go.


Pruning saws are an excellent tool to have in your gardening shed or your tool box. They can fit into tighter, smaller areas than bow saws and chain saws. If you purchase a one with a good blade and nice hand grip, can make light work out of most branches that you put in its path.

Both folding and fixed blade pruning saws have their benefit; it all comes down to your personal preference. These pruning tools help you get the cleanest and closest cuts possible when maintaining bushes, trees and shrubs. Using a pruning saw will help keep your garden neat and healthy.

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