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7 Best Watering Wands In 2020 - Reviews, Guides and Comparison

We all keep the essential garden hose in our homes. Whether you are a budding gardener with impressive flower beds, just maintaining general lawn care, cleaning driveways or washing cars every home needs a hose. Any task needing a hose will be made easier with a watering wand attachment. With the correct attachment your hose will be able to manage more tasks and perform to a much higher standard.

What should you be looking for in a quality watering wand? Don’t worry we have tried and tested and determined to let you choose the best watering wand, we can help you guide your way through picking out the perfect accompaniment to your valuable hose. Whether it is to suit specific tasks or to cover all bases, our tried and tested reviews will guide you to make the right choice.


Product Name

Spray Patterns

Length (Inch)


7 Best Watering Wands In 2020 – Reviews, Guides and Comparison - Tools Diary

The Relaxed Gardener Watering Wand



7 Best Watering Wands In 2020 – Reviews, Guides and Comparison - Tools DiaryGreen Mount 24 Inches Watering Wand

Green Mount 24 Inches Watering Wand



7 Best Watering Wands In 2020 – Reviews, Guides and Comparison - Tools DiaryOrbit SunMate Hose-End 58674N Turret Wand

Orbit SunMate Hose-End 58674N Turret Wand



7 Best Watering Wands In 2020 – Reviews, Guides and Comparison - Tools DiaryIkris Garden Hose One-Touch Sprayer Wand

Ikris Garden Hose One-Touch Sprayer Wand



7 Best Watering Wands In 2020 – Reviews, Guides and Comparison - Tools DiaryLeonard Straight Grip Aluminium Watering Wand

Leonard Straight Grip Aluminium Watering Wand



7 Best Watering Wands In 2020 – Reviews, Guides and Comparison - Tools DiaryNelson 851452-1001 Shower Spray Pattern Watering Wand

Nelson 851452-1001 Shower Spray Pattern Watering Wand



7 Best Watering Wands In 2020 – Reviews, Guides and Comparison - Tools DiaryWasser Vela Garden Telescopic 25-36 Inches Water Wand

Wasser Vela Garden Telescopic 25-36 Inches Water Wand


25" - 36"

Watering Wands for Garden - Quick Overview

 1.The Relaxed Gardener Watering Wand

7 Best Watering Wands In 2020 – Reviews, Guides and Comparison - Tools DiaryThe Relaxed Gardener Watering Wand Review

The relaxed gardener watering wand has 8 different settings jet, soaker, centre, cone, mist, flat, shower and full all on a multi patterned head so there is no need to change the nozzle. This makes it very versatile and practical for most jobs the jet can be used to remove stubborn ground in dirt. The flat setting mean you can wash off your decking with a widespread to evenly push the dirt along the direction of the grooves.

It’s small and versatile which makes it easy to store away in a garden shed, outdoor box or wherever you store you’re garden hose keeping your garden tidy. The size makes it easy to use single handed which makes reaching around potted plants a breeze.

The top selling point would be the thumb operated on/off switch making it comfortable to use for extended periods, without the hand strain of pulling in a hand trigger. It is great for anyone with arthritis or disabilities. It comes with anti-leak hose connection for your garden hose and none slip grip making it easy to manoeuvre around your garden and flower beds.

Things We Liked

  • 8 adjustable patterns
  • Thumb operated switch
  • Anti-leak hose connection
  • Manoeuvrable and comfortable
  • None slip grip

Things We Didn't Like

  • Made from a lightweight professional grade aluminium may not last the test of time if dropped or not looked after
  • Will not be able to reach the high hanging baskets unless a jet used to get the high meaning you will not be able to use the mist setting for watering delicate seedlings.

 2. Green Mount 24 Inches Watering Wand

7 Best Watering Wands In 2020 – Reviews, Guides and Comparison - Tools DiaryGreen Mount 24 Inches Watering Wand Review

The Green mount watering wand boasts a 661 hole shower head that gives a great spray. The head is completely removable allowing you to easily clear any potential blockages. Although you don’t have control of the type of spray as it only has the shower setting it means you cannot use it for a variety of jobs. It does however make it very good at what it does if you want a great spray for watering lawns and established flower beds this will do its very well and in a fraction of time that it would take with it.

The length and curve of the Green Mount makes watering hanging baskets comfortable and prevents you from getting wet in the process. The length also stops any bending to water your floor level shrubs getting into areas that your typical nozzle can’t reach.

The trigger handle has a clip to hold the trigger in making continuous use easy on the hand and forearm. The soft foam handle and ergonomic design results in wand that is comfortable to use with two hands. With the flow knob on the handle easy to set will help change the amount of pressure coming through the head but even on low it is still fairly powerful.

When we think of a simple watering wand, we want one that resembles a watering can with a good shower of water. Green Mount Watering Wand is just that, with a great performing watering wand that is easily dismantled and easily cleaned. It doesn’t need to be able to do everything; it is just a reliable hard working product that does exactly what it is meant to do.

Things We Liked

  • 661 hole shower head
  • Curve makes watering high and low comfortable
  • Continuous spray clip
  • Removable shower head for maintenance ease
  • Aluminium tube for long term use

Things We Didn't Like

  • Flow knob control still powerful even on low, need to be careful when watering seeding
  • No different setting for the head, meaning no jet or spray type available

 3. Orbit SunMate Hose-End 58674N Turret Wand

7 Best Watering Wands In 2020 – Reviews, Guides and Comparison - Tools DiaryOrbit SunMate Hose-End 58674N Turret Wand Review

With 9 different spray patterns including centre, cone, shower, angle, fan, flat, flood, jet and mist its versatile and can perform a multitude of gardening and cleaning jobs. The turret can rotate 180 degrees means that the spray can be directed to make hard to reach hanging baskets easily accessible without you having to twist and turn avoiding injury to yourself.

At 36 Inches long the Orbit SunMate is one watering wand that can reach the top hanging baskets around your garden, or the back of a deep flower bed without trampling though the soil. Its length makes one of the longest watering wands we have reviewed; this has its own benefits and may be exactly what you need for your garden type. However, it does mean that with a big watering wand you will need a larger space for storage. It can’t just be stored in a box under the garden bench. If this wand meets your gardening needs maybe look at hanging it from a hook on the wall of your garden shed.

The fireman grip and lever means the water flow can be easily adjusted and set so that it can be used with both hands without having to pull a hand trigger reducing the chance of any hand strain. Where the hose connects to this wand some you can experience some leakage over time. This the stress point on most watering wands but with the orbit SunMate it seems to be made worse with the leverage that comes with a long watering wand.

Things We Liked

  • 180 degrees rotating head
  • 9 spray patterns
  • Fireman grip, which results in a product you can use all day without feeling the strain
  • 36 inches long
  • Flow lever can be set

Things We Didn't Like

  • Stress point at hose connector may leak over time.
  • Can be difficult to manoeuvre or operate single handed.

 4. Ikris Garden Hose One-Touch Sprayer Wand

7 Best Watering Wands In 2020 – Reviews, Guides and Comparison - Tools DiaryIkris Garden Hose One-Touch Sprayer Wand Review

The Ikris garden hose is one of the longer watering wands we have reviewed. With its adjustable head that rotas 180 degrees helps getting the right angle for watering your hanging baskets, getting the direction of the spray exactly where you need it. With 2 settings of shower and soaker it won’t do every task in your garden but will cover the majority of your watering needs.

Thumb control technology makes adjusting the flow easy and conformable. Removing the hand strain associated with the hand trigger makes controlling the direction of the water easy work. As it has been designed for single handed use, there is not a soft grip that allows for a fireman grip, this means that with prolonged use you may find that your wrist may suffer due to lack of ergonomic consideration.

With the thumb control and single-handed use make the design sleek and minimalist. And simple handle with and extension to the head means the Ikris garden hose doesn’t have bulky triggers and extra padding along the shaft making it simple and sleek.

Things We Liked

  • 180 degrees adjustable head
  • 2 settings shower and soaker
  • Ergonomic thumb control
  • Easy operation and long enough to reach hanging baskets and low shrubs without placing undue strain on your back and arms.
  • Sleek, attractive design

Things We Didn't Like

  • Designed for single handed use, some users may find tiresome to operate.
  • Can leak from head if over tightened

 5. Leonard Straight Grip Aluminium Watering Wand

7 Best Watering Wands In 2020 – Reviews, Guides and Comparison - Tools DiaryLeonard Straight Grip Aluminium Watering Wand Review

The Leonard straight grip is a simple watering wand with an incredible 48 inches of reach. No hanging basket will be left dry and it is able to get right to the back of the deepest flower beds without any need for bending.

This is just a simple sleek watering wand; its minimalistic design is very appealing. With a foam grip to insulate your hands against the cold water and make using this one simple and easy. You should treat this wand as an extension to your hose as it doesn’t include a nozzle, the end is a female thread, and so you will need to get a nozzle separately if you are looking to change the flow. You will also need to shut the water off at the source making control of flow difficult when in use.

This watering water is a direct extension of your garden hose so it has no on/off hand trigger or shut off valve this means less stress points and less chance of leaking. It has a 360-degree brass swivel that connects to the hose making it easy to manoeuvre around your garden. This also means it will not tangle your hose or put strain on the connection when in use.

Things We Liked

  • Sleek attractive design
  • 48 inches long for maximum reach
  • Foam handle to insulate your hands
  • 360-degree brass swivel for ease of movement around the garden
  • Simple design results in a wand with no stress points

Things We Didn't Like

  • Needs separate nozzles, as it is just a hose extension
  • With no shut off valve it means controlling the amount of water going onto your bed difficult.

 6. Nelson 851452-1001 Shower Spray Pattern Watering Wand

7 Best Watering Wands In 2020 – Reviews, Guides and Comparison - Tools DiaryNelson 851452-1001 Shower Spray Pattern Watering Wand Review

Nelson watering wand is a specific tool with only a shower head it performs as a watering wand very well. The spray pattern many not be changeable, this doesn’t stop it from being a great wand for watering lawns and flower beds. It may not be a versatile as other comparative wands but if does have flow control so you can have a gentle spray for your new flowers that don’t have strong roots holding them in. It can also have a strong shower to get great coverage of the lawn. This means it’s quick and effective at keeping your lawn green and healthy.

At nearly 33 inches long it will reach your hanging baskets and removes the need of bending down with a fantastic build quality. The Rezimar body uses a crush proof coupling making it strong a durable for all outside conditions also featuring a crush resistant, glass-filled nylon handle that will stand the test of time with hard use.

Using the hand trigger means precision of your spray is on demand and easy to control. The flow control on the handle means you can go from watering your lawn to flower beds a breeze.

Things We Liked

  • Simple to use
  • Specific design for a good lawn shower
  • Flow control
  • Long enough for hanging baskets and low beds
  • Well-made and durable

Things We Didn't Like

  • Hand trigger can cause hand strain with prolonged use
  • Not as versatile as others on the market

 7. Wasser Vela Garden Telescopic 25-36 Inches Water Wand

7 Best Watering Wands In 2020 – Reviews, Guides and Comparison - Tools DiaryWasser Vela Garden Telescopic 25-36 Inches Water Wand Review

Wasser Vela Watering Wand has 6 spray patterns, although it doesn’t have the most spray patterns it has chosen the 6 optimal settings to cover the variety of jobs demanded from a watering wand. The very fine and larger mist spay is best suited for delicate plants like orchids and roses. It has a practical rubber grip on the turret to limit your hands and fingers slipping when you make changes between nozzle settings. The head can be moved and adjusted to ensure that you get the right angle for your spray.

This is telescopic and spans between 25-36 inches meaning it can reach the highest hanging baskets and is also practical to use for small potted plants and intricate flower beds. The plastic head and aluminium tube means even when filled with water at full extension the Wasser vela is still easy to move around. The weight is in the handle made of solid metal; this counters the weight of the water in the tube and gives users a well-balanced piece of gardening equipment.

Sporting a hand trigger with a clip for continuous flow and use, means you can have the control and demand needed for the precision jobs without the hand strain associated with the prolonged and extensive watering jobs. The large flow knob means adjustment is easy and can be set exactly where you want it to be even with slippery wet hands.

Things We Liked

  • 6 spray patterns
  • Ergonomic design which helps to limit muscle fatigue and strain
  • Telescopic and well balanced, making it a comfortable gardening companion
  • Large rubber flow knob which is easy to operate, even with wet hands
  • Pistol hand trigger has continuous use clip

Things We Didn't Like

  • Can leak from the hose connection if you aren’t careful
  • Stress points at telescopic connections can leak over time, especially if not maintained

Why Do You Need a Watering Wand?

Watering wands are a helpful addition to your gardening tool set. They provide a ridged handle to aim your spray and reach areas you would struggle to get to with a pliable hose. They change the cast of water and can reduce and increase pressure of the water coming from your hose.

You can set the spray of water to come out at high pressure with precision to attack and remove dirt and grime from your decking or driveway. It is able to reduce the amount of water coming from the hose to spray a mist over delicate seedlings, managing to water them carefully without flooding or blasting the seedling from the soil. The watering wand can transform your hose into a jet wash or a spray bottle, the versatility of this makes gardening a dream and once you have found the right wand you will never be without one.

Considerations to Make Before Purchasing a Watering Wand

Ask yourself what do you need it for? With many different options available you need to be able to narrow down the market. If its versatility you are after select a product that has multiple spray pattern. Whereas if stowage is an issue but you have high hanging baskets then maybe a telescopic watering wand is what you need. If you are in the position where you have a larger lawn that needs watering efficiently then look for a wand with a good shower spray and flow control.

If you have mobility issues or find that your hands are easily strained and fatigue, a lot of products are now designed and engineered with ergonomics in mind. Dual handed operation is best for people that may feel the strain too quickly when using a single-handed wand for an extended period, whilst they can be more difficult to manoeuvre, you will find that your hand doesn’t become as fatigued. Ergonomics isn’t just about how many hands it takes to operate a watering wand. Also consider the placement and the size of the triggers, if you think that they are going to be difficult to operate due to the size of them or become slippery when wet. Look for products that have thought about these use limitations and adapted their design.

These design aspects are also important when you consider what you will be using the water wand for most, if it is hanging baskets around your home, you don’t want to spend your time reaching as this can cause undue strain. Look for telescopic or longer products that can make it easier to water hanging baskets and reduce the risk of injury.

Final Thoughts

Having a suitable watering wand will make watering your garden lawn quick and simple, reaching those high hanging baskets without getting wet a breeze. You may direct water to the plant base without bending so reducing the risk of injury. Watering wands are an essential garden tool that can clean your car or spray clean dirt and grime from your deck. We have reviewed the best items available on the market; all you need to do is consider how and when you are going to use it. Once you have made these considerations, selecting a product will be a breeze and you’ll be watering your flower beds, hanging baskets and lawns in no time.

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