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Echo PB 250LN Leaf Blower Review

Echo ensures that all their arborists, landscapers and gardeners globally can always depend on them and their products. Professionals rely on their dependant tools in their daily work and they are very well respected and utilised within this customer group.

Echo PB 250LN Leaf Blower Review In 2020 - Tools DiaryEcho PB 250LN Leaf Blower

Echo designs their tools with comfort in mind, making them easier to use over a longer period of time for the customer. Their tools are manufactured to a very high professional standard, but this does not just mean that they are only for the professionals. A large number of their customer base is made up of the average gardener or landscape enthusiast, allow everyone the opportunity to get their garden up to a professional standard of maintenance with ease.

The Echo handheld blower PB 250LN is a perfect example of this standard, with some of the most forward-thinking technology and comfort on the market added to increase the ease of use for its users. The following sections will review this product in depth, describing those key features that set this handheld blower above the rest.

Key Traits From Echo PB 250LN

  • It has been designed aerodynamically, meaning that it is lightweight and easy to use across all terrains.
  • The product maintains a low-decibel rating;this extends its use to all areas, even those more noise-sensitive.
  • Echo has designed a 254cc power boost box engine, increasing its power.
  • The product can reach air speeds of 164mph.
  • Reviews rank this product as one of the best leaf blowers on the market.
  • The handheld blower has a rotational control feature, allowing for extra ease of use for the customer.
  • The overall design and the handheld blower’s interface are easy to navigate and encourage user friendliness.

Noise Control

Noise control is always an issue when discussing or contemplating the purchase of a blower for ones garden, the Echo PB 250LN tries to ease their customer’s angst with this product. Echo has designed this handheld blower with sound in mind, ensuring that the lowest decibel rating is achieved; making tending to your garden does not become an awkward, noisy and irritating task.

The handheld blower has a decibel rating of just 65dB, whilst this allows for a real reduction of noise in one’s garden; it gives the users the autonomy to use this product in more noise-sensitive areas. This allows the customer to extend the usage of the product with minimal impact on their environment or disturbing those within said environment. When compared to other similar products on the market, this could be a real deal changer for customers.

Rotational Control

Echo PB 250LN Leaf Blower Review In 2020 - Tools DiaryEcho PB 250LN Leaf Blower Review

As previously stated, this product has been created with the user in mind. When operating power tools and equipment the process of doing so can be uncomfortable, eventually making the user feel tired or sore from using it. Echo has made this product with a rotational control feature; this means that it reduces the Gyro effect which is created by many similar products.

This design feature allows for easier control of the machine when it is in use, it also really reduces the physical blow of carrying and operating the handheld blower. Customers have released testimonials expressing their satisfaction with the product, describing it as reliving them of the usual stress and tension on the arm that they operate the machine with.

Boost Vortex Engine

The Echo handheld blower boasts an extremely powerful engine to enable its users to tackle that hard to budge debris. The 245cc power boost vortex engine really does the job, whilst focusing on power allowing for customers easily clean and clear their gardens, lawns and driveways effortlessly. The product offers its users 391 CFM air volume from its blower, this can produce air speeds of up to 164 miles per hour.

Lightweight Design​

Unlike other handheld blowers, a key characteristic of this machine is its lightweight design. Echo has developed their handheld blower of only 9.9lbs, which is considered extremely lightweight in comparison to its competitors. The design of the machine in its entirety is built with the customer in mind, allowing for speed, ease of use and an innovative design and engine. The lightweight design is just another feature adding to the overall ease of use associated with this product.

Why is the Echo PB 250LN Worth Purchasing?

Echo PB 250LN Leaf Blower Review In 2020 - Tools DiaryPB 250LN Leaf Blower

Echo has created one of the best handheld leaf blowers on the market at the moment, that with their products gaining such reputable reviews from the professionals it really does tick all the boxes.

The thoughtful design really does always have the user in mind, by combining a lightweight design and including the additional rotational control features this has hugely increased the ease of use for their customers. The handheld blower is powerful, compact and easy to operate, customers that are new to the world of power tools or gardening tools to those that are professionals in the field can really gain from this design.

Echo has worked hard on reducing the sound emissions from their product line, their handheld leaf blowers are no exception to this. These products are notoriously loud and cause quite a disturbance when they are in use, Echo has aimed to reduce this dis-benefit of the product ten-fold with the PB 250LN. Nevertheless, in doing so,they have not reduced the power of the tool or increased its size.

The Echo handheld blower is worth purchasing for a myriad of reasons, but if you are looking for a relatively compact, quiet and powerful handheld blower this product is for you.

Drawbacks of the Echo Handheld Blower PB-250LN

  • Although lightweight, customers have expressed the possible addition of a shoulder strap to ease the weight of the tool when using the product.
  • Echo has worked hard to create a reduced noise handheld blower, although it is extremely quieter than competitors offers, some customers have expressed their disappointment, explaining that they thought it would be silent.


As this review states, this machine is a great buy for both professionals and newcomers alike. This product allows its users to be rid of debris with ease and due to its reduced sound capabilities. The blower can be used in many more scenarios. The product it not perfect, but it is a great stab at attempting to achieve perfection as customers agree.

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