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10 Essential Tools Everyone Needs At Home [With Infographic]

Daily tools are important things you should have in hand to get many tasks easily done. These are so handy and easy to operate; you don’t have to be an expert to learn the usage. Here we’ve enlisted 10 essential tools you should have at home. This guide will assist you to get familiar with these tools.


Pliers are an excellent tool to have access to. They are ergonomically designed to ensure that they fit in your hand using a variety of materials for increased comfort. This ergonomic design makes it possible for you to use the tool to its maximum capability. The jaws of the pliers are a strong alloy, capable of bending most things that you can fit in their jaws. Pliers are excellent tools to have when you need to bend wire, compress metal or grip.


Chisels are available in a variety of sizes depending on the job you need to do. They are constructed with a strong metal and have a sharpened end that can be used for chipping away. The body of the chisel has been marked to enable you to grind wood or metal. They are an excellent tool for any wood working and gauging that you may need to do, they are also able to file down sharp objects to make them safe.

Adjustable Wrenches

Adjustable wrenches are one of those tools that you don’t want to be without. They are made from a sturdy alloy and will loosen and tighten most things. Adjustable wrenches are an excellent addition to any tool box or shed if you don’t want to purchase a full spanner set. The adjustable jaws are easy to use and they will loosen and tighten most nuts and bolts. Adjustable wrenches are also very good at being the tool you use when you want to hold something in place given how sturdy they are.

Tape Measure

If you are doing any type of DIY, you can’t have access to a tape measure. A good tape measure will have two different metrics down the blade that are easy to see and read regardless of what angle you are working at, this helps as if you can’t work in one metric, you can work in the other. A good tape measure will extend out and hook over the edge of what you are measuring and then with a click of a button, the tape will roll back to you with ease without becoming jammed.

Claw Hammer

Claw hammers are made from strong alloys and components to ensure that they don’t get damaged when in use. The ergonomically designed handle makes sure you can use it all day without feeling the strain. They vary in weight and size, but the bigger the handle you have, the easier it is to get stuck nails out of wood. Claw hammer are excellent for using whilst you work with wood be it needing to hammer in nails, or pulling them out.

Wire Crimps

Wire crimps are the tool that you need if you are trying to join two pieces of metal. They work by deforming the metal in such a way that it will hold on to the other piece of metal. A good set of wire crimps will do this with ease and limited effort on your part. They will also have the facility to strip and cut wire in their jaws too, making them a multipurpose tool.

Hand Saw

Hand saws are excellent to have access to if you are working with wood. Hand saws aren’t just used to cut sheets of wood, they are ideal for joiners and carpenters who are looking to cut wood in different shapes to create joins. Hand saws are designed with long use in mind, so their handles are a comfortable design constructed with materials that won’t cause your hand to cramp. The blades are supposed to bend and move as this helps with cutting wood into different shapes.

Bow Saw

Whether you are an avid camper or just want a good all-round saw, the bow saw is the one for you. Bow saws are constructed with a lightweight alloy tube and a strong blade that is fixed between both ends, the tautness of the blade can be adjusted and you can also change the blade when it becomes blunt. Bow saws are ideal for cutting branches, small and medium sized logs and treated wood so they are good to not only have in your shed, but also excellent to take camping.

Power Drill

Gone are the days of having to use a hand drill to make holes in materials. Power drills use a motor, which can either be corded and run off mains power or battery powered to make holes in wood or metal. Power drills vary in size and power output, depending on the job you want done, depends on the size of the drill.  You can also use the drill to drill in screws in items that would otherwise be difficult or time consuming to do.

Orbital Sander

Orbital sanders are multifunctional tools that have a variety of applications. They are spherical, which makes them easy to fit in your hand and operate and can be used on almost any surface. Their ergonomic design means you can use them all day without feeling the strain. You can use an orbital sander for finishing projects, sanding off varnish and roughing items up before panting.

Essential Tools Everyone Needs at Home

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