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How To Install Dewalt Trimmer Line? Step By Step Guides

If you’ve got a trimmer or regularly use one, chances are you struggled at some stage to install the line. Whilst this job should be a relatively easy one, sometimes it can become really fiddly and get people stressed, especially when different brands have different ways of installing! Don’t worry though, we’re here to help, if you have a Dewalt Trimmer. We’re here to talk you through How To Install Dewalt Trimmer and get you back up and running in no time.

Removing The Head

One of the most difficult parts of the entire installation can often be removing the head of the trimmer once you have run out of line. With Dewalt models, they all have the same method of removing the head.

Firstly, make sure that the battery is out of the unit and there is no power being fed to it at all. Then you want to lay the trimmer down so that you can clearly see the head, do this is a well-lit area where you aren’t struggling to see into the tool. Once you have done that look for and find the white indicator knob, if you can see this, it means that the head is locked into position.

Push down on the head and rotate clockwise, the indicator knob will now rotate away from the spool and come out of the locked position, it essentially snaps out of this position, so keep an eye on it, once this has happened you won’t be able to see the white window. This will then free up the head ready for you to pull it out of its cradle.

Do this by holding onto the top of the head, and pulling sharply up. You want to make sure that you are moving the head directly up from the rest of the trimmer or you could potentially damage the entire unit and the lock in mechanism. You have now freed the trimmer head.

Winding The Line With a Quick Load

You want to start by making sure that there is no power running to your Dewalt trimmer, make sure all the power is off, the battery is out and you’re installing in the line in a well-lit place.

Some Dewalt models vary what you have to do at the beginning, but the principle after this point is the same.

Winding The Trimmer Line

In some of the 20v models, you don’t need to remove the head at all and you can keep it on whilst you load.

Firstly, you want to look at the head and make sure that all the holes line up, if you have got this right, you’ll be able to push some trimmer line through the hole from one end to the other. Push through approximately 2 to 3 foot of line and then centre it.

Once you have done this, place your open hand on the head, close your fingers around it and turn in the direction the arrows say to it. Rotate the head and leave out a couple of inches of trimmer line and you’re good to go, if this doesn’t work and you can’t get the line to feed through correctly, review removing the head and load in the traditional ways.

Winding The Line With A Traditional Head

If you don’t have a Dewalt with a quick load head, you may well have one that has a dual feed. To load this trimmer, you may well require a flat head screwdriver, just to make your life a little easier when you are loading the second compartment. Make sure you have two 10-foot lines ready to go and then you can start winding. You want to wind the line that is farthest away from the top of the head first, look at the arrows in the trench and they will show you which direction you need to wind the line in.

Keep the winding nice and neat across the trench, keeping it in layers, this way you won’t have any blockages or knots when you are using the trimmer. When you have about 6 inches of the line left, pop it in to a holding groove which is in the middle of the two line compartments, you can now start winding the second line.

Take note of which way you will be winding the line by looking at the arrows on the head and then pop the line into the hole. This is where you may need a flat head screwdriver, to make sure that the line doesn’t pop out of this hole when you start winding. Slowly wind the first rotation, take out the screw driver and then complete the steps as above, keeping it neat and in layers. One you have 6 inches left, pop the left over in the retaining slot.

You are now ready to load the head! Take your trimmer and look for the two holes on either side of the head, feed the trimmer line into these holes and then click the head in, you’re good to go.

Final Thoughts

One of the most difficult processes when it comes to loading the trimmer line of your Dewalt is actually getting the head off in the first place. Make sure that you are doing this in a well-lit location and you have the trimmer placed in good proximity to you so you don’t have to reach, this could cause injury, especially when you are pulling the head up and away from the unit.

If you are unsure of what you are doing, look at the head, they will have guiding markers on such as what way you turn it and when it is unlocked. Once you have got the head out, the rest is relatively simple. Again, keep examining the head so you know which way to wind the trimmer line and keep it neat and tidy as this will stop you having issues later on. Then simply pop the head back in and you are good to go! Follow our simple installation guide and we will have you back trimming your weeds and grass in no time, regardless of what model Dewalt you have.

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