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How Traveling Sprinklers Work

The easiest way to tend to your garden lawns watering needs is with a travelling sprinkler. This machine alleviates the stress of positioning your sprinkler system just right, or having to constantly move it to reach each area of your garden. This is the stress-free way to watering your lawn.

What is a Travelling Sprinkler?

Travelling sprinklers are devices that can navigate around your lawn without the use of any electricity or gas. It uses the laws of physics to gently push the machine up your garden with the force of your hose. Once you have attached your hose to the travelling sprinklers base, the force of the running water turns gears inside the machine. These gears are connected to an axel, once the axel is turned then the wheels begin to move.

This is a brilliant, eco-friendly way to water your lawn without over saturating it. It also allows the user the chance to relax whilst this job is being done, in the most part this gardening task can cause a lot of annoyance. Moving sprinklers around your garden to ensure that it gets distributed correctly is a tough, usually messy, job. Using a travelling sprinkler allows for these issues to be a thing of the past by utilising the water pressure that naturally comes from the hose.

Step By Step Guide to Using a Travelling Sprinkler?

  • Firstly, you must ensure that the unit is assembled correctly. Usually these items are shipped to you in pieces, so be sure that you attach them correctly.
  • Secondly, you must attach the arms to the head of the sprayer, which is usually pretty central to the unit. The arms should be positioned relevant to the desired spray coverage.
  • Now it is time to connect the water hose to the unit itself. Ensure there is a clear path set out before you connect the hose to the unit.
  • Then you should set up the shut off ramp exactly where you would like the travelling sprinkler to end its journey. Usually these will include a spike to help better secure it in place.
  • Next you should attach the sprinklers on top of the hose, this way it will sit right at the front wheel and the back wheels will be on either side of the hose.
  • One of the last jobs will be setting the speed of the sprinkler up, ensure you choose the right mode for your gardens needs.
  • Once all of this has been completed you should remove the stopper, this is usually located at the bottom of the machine to let it move.
  • Next you should turn on the water source to power the hose, moving the travelling sprinkler up the pre-determined path.
  • Finally, once the sprinkler has reached the end of this path it will stop working. You can then either start to layout a new path, or detach the hose and pack away the machine.

How to Choose the Best Travelling Sprinklers?

There are many important factors that can be used to help you purchase a good travelling sprinkler that is fit for your gardens needs. Like with many new gardening machinery, warranty clauses and maintenance expectations are very important to keep in mind. Depending on how mechanically gifted you are, it may be a good idea to purchase an easily maintained and constructed travelling sprinkler.

For the best use of this item you must consider your lawn size. This tool is a great addition to homes with medium to large lawns. However, it is important to consider how even your ground is and how much lawn you would want to be covered. If you have quite a hilly, or uneven lawn you will need to select a lawn with larger wheels to compensate for this.

Naturally travelling sprinklers require a high-pressure water flow in order to use them correctly. If you do not have access to high-pressure water, or your overall pipe pressure that is fed into your garden is weak then you must take this into consideration. Whilst there are still some models that will allow for a lower pressure of water to be utilised, this will require the purchase of a more unique, tailored brand and could cost more money.

Ensure you purchase a travelling sprinkler that is made from durable substances. Now most of these are made from cast iron or steel, making them weather resistant. Nevertheless, ensure that in the colder, winter months you take extra care storing your travelling sprinkler to avoid any damages.

Are They Really Worth It?

Whilst some reviews offer a negative view of travelling sprinklers for being an excessive piece of machinery, this is not ultimately true. The travelling sprinkler is ideal for a medium to large garden owner. It is great for those people that don’t really have a ‘green thumb’, but would like to have well presented lawn.

It is ideal for the more relaxed gardener, looking to ensure their lawn is kept watered and healthy. Especially for those people that have young children that use the lawn a lot, this can keep it in good condition and in use for a longer period of time.

It is inferred that travelling sprinklers are certainly a worthy buy, so they should not be missed by those that feel it would help them in their garden. It is just important that you do not purchase something that does not fit the needs of yourself, or your garden.

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