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Poulan Pro Hedge Trimmer Review In 2020

Poulan Pro offers a range of outdoor power equipment for their clients, all of which designed with them in mind. They have diversified their offerings, tapping into a different market by creating the Poulan Pro range. This range has helped them and their customers to get a perfect finish with every use of one of their products.

Poulan Pro Hedge Trimmer Review In 2020 - Tools DiaryPoulan Pro Hedge Trimmer

Poulan Pro hedge trimmer is part of the new Poulan Pro range we will identify what makes this product stick out from the rest. This is a gas hedge trimmer mostly renowned for its crank engine that ensures maximum cutting opportunity. Plus, the durable steel blades make the item unique.

This hedge trimmer is exceptionally lightweight; you can manoeuvre it properly to area you want. You’ll find the combination of advanced technology along with the hedge trimmer. Let’s dig the more features out!

Key Traits of This Poulan Pro Gas Hedge Trimmer

  • This hedge trimmer is easy to navigate and use.
  • Fashioned with a rotating rear handle.
  • The hedge trimmer comes with dual action, 22-inch blade.
  • Created with a powerful 23cc engine.
  • It has a lightweight design, weighing in at 11.1 lbs.
  • Diversified usage options.
  • Designed with an anti-vibration dampener to ease any strains or fatigue of the user.

Rotating Rear Handle

Every garden is different, this means a one-size fits all hedge trimmer cannot satisfy the needs of each individual gardener, or their garden. The inclusion of a rotating rear handle allows for each gardener to tend to their hedges, trees or shrubs as they need.

The handle has a comfort grip, allowing you to control how you cut at any angle you need to tend to your garden. The additional comfort that has been added to this handle makes completing the task easier and less of a strain after a long time of usage too.

Having a rotating rear handle is an important feature for any hedge trimmer of today, this technology allows for an overall easier experience, safety and comfort. It is a feature that any prospective buyer must take into account when looking to purchase a new hedge trimmer.

Dual-Action Blade

Poulan Pro Hedge Trimmer Review In 2020 - Tools DiaryPoulan Pro Hedge Trimmer Review

The Poulan Pro is designed with a dual-action blade, this allows for a better cutting capacity and easy of completing bigger tasks. The blades are made with stainless steel, dual-sided serrated blades, making them much more durable than competitors.

With this amount of cutting capacity users can expect to glide through limbs of up to one inch in size in swaths of over twenty-two inches. This is extremely powerful; along with the rotating rear handle it allows the user to easily tackle those unruly areas with ease.

Anti-Vibration Design

After extensive research and design Poulan have discovered the art of creating such a powerful tool with a big engine, minus the backlash of having to deal with heavy vibrations whilst it is in use.

The anti-vibration dampeners allow for the user to experience the unrivalled cutting capacity of the Poulan Pro hedge trimmer, without the strain or fatigue which is usually experienced as an aftermath. This is down to hours of testing and re-designing with the user in mind.

As the product is lightweight, weighing only 11.1 lbs, there is less of a strain on the user anyway. Nevertheless, this additional anti-vibration design is a great extra giving the product another massive selling point to set it above its competitor’s designs.

It is prudent to consider this feature when purchasing a hedge trimmer as it can really impact your experience, if you will need to use your hedge trimmer extensively then please consider an anti-vibration design, like the Poulan Pro.

Powerful Engine

This feature is one that sparks the most interest for potential buyers of any power tool, especially any hedge trimmer. The Poulan Pro offers its customers a powerful 23cc engine; it is comprised with a two-cycle full crank engine, making it easy to cut through most debris.

Many reviews of the trimmer highlight the ease of usage as a key bonus of purchase. This would have to be further communicated within the ease of starting, fuelling and operating this engine. Not only does this tool come with exponential information on how to use the product, but it is very straightforward and easy to get you using the tool.

Why is the Poulan Pro Hedge Trimmer Worth Purchasing?

Poulan Pro Hedge Trimmer Review In 2020 - Tools DiaryPro Hedge Trimmer

This is at the pinnacle for power tool designs right now. Their extensive research and development in to the Poulan Pro range has allowed them to sit above most competitors, focusing more on their clients want and needs.

The products they design always receive glowing reviews, any faults or queries are quickly dealt with and sorted out efficiently. These are then impacting on any new designs they are planning to roll out, mapping out a constant progression of their offerings.

This hedge trimmer is undoubtably worth purchasing, it has some brilliant key benefits and niche offerings that other larger power tools fail to satisfy. They constant improvement and brand re-building with the Poulan Pro brand have given them a competitive edge.

The hedge trimmer is lightweight, easy to use and navigate, has a brilliant cutting capacity and sharp dual action blades to help get the job done, with ease and little to no strain on the customer. The focus on minimising any negative effects on the client is important to remember when purchasing any new tool, especially a hedge trimmer as it requires such an impact from the user.

There are many hedge trimmers available to purchase, but the Poulan Pro is a great product for those customers which need a simple, easy and reliable product.

What About The Drawbacks?

  • Although the Poulan Pro has a lightweight design, some users would still like to see this even lighter as they felt it was quite heavy.
  • The Poulan Pro’s design is very basic and easy to operate, some reviews highlight that this is a drawback as the quality of the brand could be compromised.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Does It Matter What Gas You Use in This Product?

No, not at all, we suggest that more premium gas is used to get a better result and to improve engine health. Otherwise, this is your choice.

2. Can I Replace the Blades on This Tool?

You can easily sharpen the blades on this tool with a file, if you need new blades they can be re-ordered.

3. Is There Any Blade Covers That Come With This Item?

This item comes with a plastic sheath to cover the trimmer’s blade when it is not being used.


Ultimately the Poulan Pro hedge trimmer is a great purchase for those gardeners looking to tackle over-grown gardens, shrubs and bushes. They have integrated some great qualities which have set them apart from their rivals by a mile. The rotating rear handle and anti-vibration design are some of the key features that really give this product its uniqueness.They are important factors for anyone looking to purchase a hedge trimmer, Poulan have equipped them well for tackling an ever-evolving market.

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