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Rikon 70-220VSR Midi Lathe Review​

If your job revolves around manufacturing metals and other materials like wood and plastic, nothing but a lathe machine comes in handy. Having an important place in manufacturing technology, a lathe machine is one of the essential instruments for manufacturers. It is generally used for accomplishing tasks like metal spinning, metal working, glass working and wood turning.

Rikon 70-220VSR Midi Lathe Review - Tools DiaryRIKON Power Tools 70-220VSR 12-1/2

Moreover, one can efficiently perform functions like cutting, knurling, drilling, sanding, grooving, threading and much more with a lathe. When a machine can offer so much to a manufacturer, it becomes an integral part of its manufacturing unit. Isn’t it? This is the reason why the demand for some of the best types never seizes. Crankshafts, table legs, bowls, camshafts, and candlestick holder are some of the most common products of such device.

If you also belong to the same field of working and looking for a good lathe machine, Rikon 70-220VSR Midi Lathe could become your ultimate escape. With some of the most alluring features, it has managed to become trustworthy when it comes to fulfilling difficult manufacturing tasks.

Technical Specification


12 x 40.8 x 18 in


124 lbs






120V, 60 Hz

Electronic Variable Speeds

250-3850 RPM

Swing Over Bed


Big Turning Capacity

It is a 12-1/2” swing and 20” between centers variable speed midi lathe which can perform designing and constructional activities without any hassles. The significant turning capacity made it one of the most desirable products of the time.


Rikon 70-220VSR Midi Lathe Review - Tools DiaryRIKON Power Tools 70-220VSR 12-1/2

There is 24 position index head in the machine which ensures that user could obtain high efficiency in getting the patterns or design works. It won’t come as a surprise if your project outshines due to perfection in work.

Easily Accessible

Whether you want to change the speed or incorporate high precision in your work, this machine will handle all smoothly.  It has a user-friendly interface and heavy construction for extra stability.

Powerful Motor

This machine consists of corded-electric and highly powerful 1 HP motor in which the user gets electronic variable speed controls and a wider range of operating speeds. It can turn spindles into platters with no hassle. With the ability to add multiple extensions this lathe machine is one of the best to have.

The dimension of the machine is 12 x 40.8 x 18 inches which makes it midsize yet big enough to perform complicated tasks. The weight of the machine is 124 pounds making it heavy and stable which is one desired feature for an ideal lathe machine. 

What Are The Critical Working Modules?

  • It may attain the electronic variable speeds of 250 - 3,850.
  • The swing over bed is around 12-1/2”
  • The swing over tool reset is 9-5/8”
  • Tool rest post diameter is 1.”

Why Should You Purchase Rikon Midi Lathe Machine?

Rikon 70-220VSR Midi Lathe Review - Tools DiaryRIKON Power Tools 70-220VSR 12-1/2

The most important reason for splurging on this machine is its user-friendly interface. It is ideally engineered to take over the metal, wood and other materials and turn them into a useful and aesthetic piece. It is highly versatile in functions and can perform each work with perfection.

The device comes with spur center, liver center, 3” faceplate, tool rest, knock-out bar, wrenches and tool holder. The presence of these extra accessories elevates the worth of this lathe machine manifolds. So you can enjoy taking its services without any worries for a long time.

What About The Unavoidable Drawbacks

  • If any of the part damages or become old, finding its substitute could become difficult.
  • For changing the speed or getting variability in speed, you need to move the belt which is one tedious task to do.
  • The machine is loud and makes heavy sounds. It may create difficulty for others.


The best tool that can rotate the workpiece on its axis to perform various operations is a lathe machine. Although you could find many brands manufacturing high-grade machines, the one coming from Rikon is trustworthy and highly reliable. Every feature of the machine is custom made to help the worker accomplish the task with perfection. So all that you need is this Machine and get started to make few masterpieces.

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