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Ryobi 40V Hedge Trimmer Review - Is It Worth Spending Money?

Ryobi have become a household name for their wide variety of home power tools with a professional finish. They are a huge contributor the market, with their brand gaining an extremely reputable name by letting products and customers do the talking.

Ryobi 40V Hedge Trimmer Review - Is It Worth Spending Money? - Tools DiaryRyobi 40V Hedge Trimmer

A specific positive focus on the brands hedge trimmer collection can be seen online and through customer satisfaction and in their sales. This area of their power tool services has flourished, making it become a huge part of what they do and has allowed them to innovate their range, creating some exceptional tools.

The 40v hedge trimmer really has spoken to a wider consumer market, offering the best in both innovation and technology. Ryobi have worked hard to continue to diversify their products, bettering them each time to create something new and wanted to the market with each release. This is no exception when considering the Ryobi 40V hedge trimmer.

Key Traits of Ryobi Cordless Hedge Trimmer 40V

  • It offers the wrap around handle for great and excellent cut control.
  • This product has a target group of more experienced users, as well as those avid DIY gardeners.
  • To clear the debris when you trim, it brings HedgeSweep debris shield.
  • Dual actions blades to reduce the level of vibrations.
  • 40V Lithium-ion batteries ensure long lasting and superb performance.
  • The product comes with a built in cover to increase safety precautions and prevents any unnecessary damage to the tool.

Wrap-Around Handle​

Ryobi 40V Hedge Trimmer Review - Is It Worth Spending Money? - Tools DiaryRyobi 40V Hedge Trimmer Review

The Ryobi continues to innovate their product line to best adhere to the needs of their customer base. This Ryobi model is one for the more defined gardener looking to add a bit of precision to their garden. The main feature of this hedge trimmer is the Wrap-around handle, this allows for the user to cut shrubs, hedges and trees with ease at all angles with greater cut control.

This model has been classed as a ‘go to’ for both the avid home DIY customer and for those who could be classed as a commercial maintenance workers. It has a more professional seal of approval as it is a heavy duty trimmer. It brings its ability for customer precision as a priority; this means that users can get a great finish on whatever project their customers are working on.

This hedge trimmer is easier on the user to tend to any overgrown shrubs or tree branches without having to stress about any wires getting in the way whilst they work. The cordless feature, as well as the rotating handle, allow for increased ease of use and are seen as a huge bonus when compared to similar products on the market.

Increased Safety Controls

This dual actions blade is fashioned with a built in case, this is done to protect the users whilst the blade is in use and to protect the trimmer from any possible damages whilst it is in storage. This is a much-appreciated addition as customer reviews entail, it also allows this heavy-duty trimmer to become more user friendly and compliant with safety controls felt by the consumer.

This along with its HedgeSweep addition makes the actual act of tending to overgrown hedges, shrubs and tree braches a pleaser rather than a chore, all with safety at the forefront of its design. This is also helpful when considering that this Ryobi trimmer is very powerful. Apart from that, one of the greatest features of the dual action blade is, it controls the vibrations level.

Cutting Capabilities

This Ryobi hedge trimmer comes with excellent cutting bandwidth; it offers a great cutting speed in a minute. The hedge trimmer can cut through trees shrubs and bushes with ease. This allows for such a fast cutting capacity when compared to other Ryobi models. This is all made capable from the lithium-ion battery, which offers gas-like power.

Lithium-ion Battery

It is believed that another important component of this hedge trimmer is its Gas-Like power; this is made possible due to its lithium-ion battery. The battery powering this tool allows for it to run and cut faster than previous models. It also makes it easier to get through your whole garden with one battery, as they last for an extended period, unlike past products.

Why is the Ryobi Hedge Trimmer 40V Worth Purchasing?

Ryobi 40V Hedge Trimmer Review - Is It Worth Spending Money? - Tools DiaryRyobi Cordless Hedge Trimmer 40V

As previously described above the Ryobi hedge trimmers are true innovators in such a saturated market. They have continued to adapt to adhere to a wider audience by diversifying their products to meet users needs, whilst maintaining a general increase in both safety and battery power.

This machine offers the more skilled customer a chance to excel, its wrap-around handle allows for easier sculpting and vertical cuts. This can give its user the chance to get really creative with their shrubs, bushes and tree designs, or tend to a garden or plants that need these extra abilities.

The trimmer is more safety forward due to the increase in its abilities, by including a cover on the trimmer this can shield potential danger from the user and help to minimise any damage whilst being used, or kept in storage.

You’ll find here the best debris clearing management along with HedgeSweep debris shield. It will enable the machine to clear the debris during the operation.

What About Drawbacks?

  • Whilst this tool offers much more precision, users may feel it could be to advance for them.
  • Customers may perceive this tool to be less safety focused than other models due to its focus being on powerful cutting capacities and precision.


To summarise, this 40V Ryobi hedge trimmer is a great investment for the avid gardener, commercial contractor and the DIY-influenced consumer. Aside from the products versatility, the tool is powered by a lithium-iron battery and has an improved cutting capacity. It is a great investment for the more adventurous customer.

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