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Shop Fox W1831 Oscillating Spindle Sander Review

Shop Fox need no introduction; they have cultivated their reliable name over the last several decades, producing some of the most consistent and accurate woodworking machinery in the business. Once again, they have lived up to their name by creating a specialist sanding tool which successfully adapts to the needs of its owner.

Shop Fox W1831 Oscillating Spindle Sander Review - Tools DiaryShop Fox Oscillating Spindle Sander

The benchtop oscillating sander is another successful example of Shop Fox’s renowned brand; it is an ideal tool for smoothing the edges after cutting materials with a band saw or scroll saw. Like all Shop Fox products, the W1831 spindle sander is extremely versatile. 

Shop fox oscillating spindle sander is small enough to move around your workshop, with a fifty-eight oscillation per minute range highlighting its power. The small and mighty benchtop sander is a perfect addition to any workshop, allowing for extreme precision to get a variety of curves and unique finishes to any material.

Technical Specification


1/2 HP





Spindle Speed


Stroke Length


Oscillations Per Minute


Table Size

15" L x 11-1/2" W

Shipping Weight

33 lbs


As previously explained, the Shop Fox W1831 comes with a wide range of sanding options. These are easily found and stored on the base of the product to increase the ease of storage and use. The different sanding heads and adaptors allow for a truly unique sanding opportunity with some exceptional curves and details to be expressed.


Shop Fox W1831 Oscillating Spindle Sander Review - Tools DiaryShop Fox Oscillating Spindle Sander Review

The tool is powerful in both stature and ability, the base of the tool is small but durable and balances perfect on any work bench or surface. The sander itself operates with a half-horsepower motor, which is one of the strongest on the market. When considering the speed with the tools reasonable price it is a very attractive option to most customers.

Easily Assembled

Shop Fox must have spent a long time perfecting this model; they have managed to keep the product easy to assemble but full of amazing options to use and a very powerful motor. It is user-friendly and a perfect starting point for beginners, with the available options for them to learn and increase their skill with ease.


The item is a small model, far smaller than many similar tools; because of this many would automatically believe that this means it has less ability. This is not the case at all, the size of the tool allows for portability, this means a carpenter can take all tools to work with them easily; it is a tool that can be shared between people and moved around easily.

Dust Collection 

Another bonus with this tool is that it has a built-in dust collector; this makes the dust less airborne and the work station much easier to keep clean and free of debris. The dust port is one to one and a half inches wide, when it the sander is connected to the dust connector it really makes a difference.

Why Should You Purchase This Shop Fox Spindle Sander?

Shop Fox W1831 Oscillating Spindle Sander Review - Tools DiaryShop Fox W1831 1/2 Single Phase

From the manufacturer the tool is produced by to the additional features and equipment that is included with the sander, Shop Fox’s W1831 is the right choice. Yet again they have produced a product that can adhere to the needs of many, for a reasonable price whilst not compromising power and versatility.

Shop Fox have tried to tackle the normality of having a lot of tools to do quite similar jobs, the W1831 comes with various interchangeable parts enabling users to sand and spindle materials with ease. The diverse tools that come as an extra with the model, allows for an abundance of opportunities in the customers outcome. It is also considered one of the easiest oscillating spindle sanders to use, making it a great starting point for a beginner, with all the additional extras that one can learn as they progress.

The single-phase oscillating spindle sander also has a built-in dust collection port, making the mess of carrying out such work a little easier to apprehend. The dust collector helps stop debris from filling up the air and surrounding work space, it also makes the tool a way more attractive purchase. This along with its smaller size makes the sander easy to move around and use in areas others may be too large or messy to set up in.

The Drawbacks

The model is a great addition to any keep carpenter; however, it has a few drawbacks that must be discussed before purchasing. As the motor of the tool is very powerful it generates a loud noise when in use, it is louder than competitor models and could be a definitive feature that could deter customers from purchasing it.

Editors’ Opinion

There have been some experiences of receiving a faulty model or a sander being delivered with a problem with the dust collection port. This has led to some customers calling for better quality control systems.

Finally, there has been some discussion over the pressure of the spindle and sander settings and if they are too forceful to enable meaningful work to be carried out or not. This is not a widespread opinion, but it is been vocalised by a few various handymen.


This model is a brilliant starting point for beginners hoping to learn how to sand and use a myriad of additional appliances that can help perfect the process of doing so. The tool is very inventive and offers some helpful solutions to previously annoying and arduous tasks. The fact that this model is small and easy to transport all over is a real unique selling point, along with the self-cleaning dust collection port it really is a good purchase.

Although there have been some issues with faulty appliances or dust collection ports, Shop Fox are such a renowned and trustworthy brand if any issues did arise with the model customers have peace of mind knowing they would be dealing with them. Their brand is a unique selling point and their reliable persona is much more favourable to other similar brands and tools.

This oscillating spindle sander has many great additions and is an inventive solution to many common problems. This model has so much diversity and opportunity, test it out for you.

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